TSN and East Semi Final

I just watched the game and it seemed to me that you hear Masoli calling the plays in the huddle during the but not Harris.

Did anyone else notice this or it just my imagination?


Yes, I did hear a few of them, but not all. I wondered if that live audio found the ears of the boys in the booth?

It's the flying camera. It has a live mic on it so if it hovers overt the huddle you can hear the play. "XY trips left" was one of the calls if I remember. They need to turn that mic off.


Strange I only noticed it in the Ticats huddle and not Montreal's.

Wonder if this could be helpful to the Argos.

Unless you could bend time, it would not be of much use. Not sure a D has enough time to hear, process and adjust their call in those few seconds.

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It would be exactly the same advantage as deciphering signals and wea ll know that teams do that.

But the Argos now have tape of "XY trip left" and they can see what we did.

Maybe they'll be listening for it on the field Sunday and taking a chance that we haven't changed that play.

Damn straight that all 4 teams will have a guy in their headset network listening to the broadcast for huddle calls. Some of them they may not even have to decipher because much terminology is the same among different coaches, plus the fact that in a small league everybody has somebody on their roster or on their staff who has worked for the opposing coach at some point and is at least familiar with his systems and terminology. If they can tip off JUST ONE PLAY CALL during the game, they will do it. Even if all they know is that XY trips left means pass and not run.

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Nothing new. They've seen Condell run that play a hundred times.

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We had the QB miked up for entire games.
It doesn't mean anything.

We'll know if the Argos have our playbook when we see them banging on a garbage can :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Pat Lynch (hate the cheatin' Astros)


Some keys to Sunday's match-up, firstly the weather will be messy thus avoiding turnovers and playing the whistle as one can expect fumbles, sacks and pics so being fully aware of the play around you and what's happening at all times will be important in winning the turn over ratio. A prediction Hamilton & Toronto statistically are even but head to head Toronto has won all 3 matches but note rarely does a team beat another team of similar caliber 4 straight and in that aspect the Cats especially as under dogs and with a large Hamilton contingent could turn the ties of the good ship Argo. If last week was the black out, this week is the Gold Rush! Hamilton's D line will dominate and unlike the last game at BMO Toronto's D will not be able to concentrate on the pass rush as Don Jackson will aid Masoli and his offense by providing a balance attack. So in summary Hamilton will win the turn over ratio especially caused by sacking Bethel-Thompson, will establish a running game with Don Jackson and expect the sleeper will be Addison who when healthy combined with Banks, White and Acklin create seams and passing lanes that rarely if ever has been available to Masoli this season. If Cats get out of the gate early establishing their running & passing game the defence will not be on the field as much and will play with the pressure they exhibited against Montreal last week.

To go with that, may I strongly suggest the team wear their gold pants.
Here's why:
Our boys are undefeated, on the road, this season, while wearing them.
Their only victory, over Toronto, was accomplished in gold pants.
They won 4 of the 5 games they played in gold pants, this year.
And, their gold pants are their best looking, and traditional, pants.

On the other hand, or lower body, in their black pants, the TiCats went winless in 3 games against the Argos, winless on the road everywhere, and overall in them, lost 5 of 8 games.
And, not only are those black pants the team's ugliest, they're the league's ugliest. Even the TiCat whites would be a better choice. In fact, they're the only pants the club went undefeated in, this year, and of course, there's the bonus of our hogs looking even bigger in their whites.

Why take any chances? :anguished:
Dress for success!


Great idea and backed by this season's success on the field and as any good sailor knows if you fill a boat with gold the weight will most often sink the ship! In this case the boatman will sink with it's ship but the treasure will be resurrected just in time for kick off next Sunday, December 12th. Go Cats Go!