Tsn and Cohon due better job marketing the CFL Product

Better TV coverage neededt o prmote the game, Mr. Cohon teams have to dress up their firlds better, should be mandatory, CFL CENTRE LOGO, HOME Team
logos in end zone, GREY CUP represented team logos in end zone. Come its time you look a like a professional Football, show and promote our great product and game so CFL and Canadains asre proud , make it better.

  Mr. Cohon and owners, more peractise time needed and longer pre season to elminate penlties amd mistakes by players. Prepare more you rthe games which will make the product better on the field.

During the games TSN needs to allow more crownd noise and less of the guys doing the game. It`s too silent, need btter TV coverage, show cheer le3aders more and promote the CFL game more, players and the product, but first make the product.

   I`m a dierheart CFL fan from Hfx. and I talking my son to the Grey Cup. Toronto not having a Grey Cup parade is wrong, it should be part of the Grey Cup with TV coverage, this is again very poor, and the host city should have to have a Grey Cup parade. Toronto you blew it.

        Also Mr. Cohon listen to the fans, get Haprer to block to NFL now with a plan to expand the CFL coast to coast in Canada to promote and build and grow our great game by building CFL stadiums in Halifax and Quebec city now. Involve Harper now to counter with Govt support to band to NFL from coming to Canada to protect our great game and the NFL. Don`t wait until it to late, have a plan now and do it now.    



I agree with this much, but I think that the players association has a lot to do with dictating the amount of practise time if I am not mistaken.

What is the exact amount of weekly practise time? Is it 3 times per week?

How does this compare with practise time in the NFL?

TO isn't having a GC parade? What bullsh!t is this? If this is true, TO should be banned from ever hosting a Grey Cup again. :mad:

strong words. but i'm inclined to agree. they should at least be reprimanded somehow, but it won't come to the publics attention. probably dealt with internally.

what part of tradition doesn't TO understand?

It’s not like they need a parade to sell tickets - the game is already a sell-out.

That said, GC parades are as much a tradition as the game itself. There was a day when the parades were actually televised, though I’m not sure how popular those were. I suppose there really should still be one anyway, just because it’s good for the kids and those adults who still love a parade. It doesn’t have to be a humongous Bay Street extravaganza, but a modest parade, televised on Saturday morning, would be a nice classy touch for Toronto the Evil.

Of course, a no holds barred, take no prisoners, over the top all-out, major affair, with a Canadian and International flair, would be fantastic. Though that takes money and effort, and a city that can get excited about such things.

I'm not much for parades to be honest, don't care.
This will be the last GC ever to be held in Toronto I'm guessing so grab some history like a patch of grass or whatever (oops, artifical turf, well, something else then :wink:) If the Bills play a game there every season, there will be not enough demand for a GC there.