TSN and back to back games

TSN really needs to look at this and perhaps have at least a 1/2 hour between games. On Friday night the early game Montreal was annihilating Saskatchewan late in the 4th quarter and the fans were forced to watch the final minutes. mean while the Calgary and BC game started and fans missed the first 6 minutes. Had TSNs coverage been 1/2 hour between games there would be no issue. You certainly wouldnt see this happen in the NFL so why does the CFL put up with it. It happens to often. Time for TSN to fix this

I stated this in the game thread.
I will repeat myself here.

I hate the back to backs.
When you go to a game you miss the second half of the first one.

I would rather see Thu - Fri - Sat - Sun.

What would viewers choose ?
6 hours on one night, or 3 hours one day then 3 hours the next day ?

This sentence is inaccurate. Happens in the NFL. Less often now that 4 pm games start at 4:15(?) but it still happens.

In the NFL the network that has a doubleheader - the second game now starts at 4:25PM ET - they backed it up a year or two ago from 4:15PM to try to avoid any overlap.

So if the CFL and TSN insist on having doubleheaders - then yes on weekend or holiday Monday afternoons they should have that extra half hour and have 1:00PM and 4:30PM starts or 4:00PM and 7:30PM starts. In fact they are doing that on Labour Day with the Edmonton at Calgary game starting at 3:00PM and the Argos at Cats game at 6:30PM ET.

But not night time doubleheaders - no way! As it is the 10:00PM starts don't end until well past 1:00AM in the east and even later in Atlantic Canada. Starting them at 10:30PM would be ridiculous.

Another thing.

Late starts suck. 8 pm for Calgary this Thu. That is because BC is in MTL.

For CFL fans in NS, the game starts at 11 pm.

I’d like this too, but I already don’t watch the second game in a doubleheader because I’m not staying up until 2am on Thursday when I have work the next day. So, making it start a half hour later has no impact on me at all. They should have some time to deal with overrun, do some analysis, and set up the next game.

It’s definitely an issue for sports fans in this time zone. In fact, something I liked about the fast KO at UFC 201 Saturday Night was that I got home before 2am. Get pretty bleary eyed the next day when it doesn’t end until 2:30 and then my 3 year old wakes up before 7.

TSN has 5 channels, 4 will run a game, why not cut out of 2 games for the next one, problem solved

It might have started on time if there were no challenge flags. I haven’t exactly measured it, but let’s say there’s four challenges per game and each lasts an average of 2 minutes before the game gets going again. That’s eight minutes that could have been used in this case. (Of course, I could be way off, or even undervaluing it, especially if there’s a long challenge, but challenges definitely seem to take awhile).

I was watching CFL Around The Table, or at least something to that affect, and I really got the feel the general managers were making rules from a “managing” the game perspective rather than a fan’s perspective or entertainment value.

Get your game going CFL. You’ve fallen to the third place in the country.

Not everyone has all of the channels.

Thanks for clarifying.

That's true, but a lot of people have TSN2 which is the "spill-over/extra content" channel. TSNs 1-3-4-5 are essentially regional channels, but TSN2 is national and was originally intended to be used when there was a programming conflict. Starting the second game on TSN2 when there is overlap would at least allow some viewers more interested in Game 2 to see all of it.

TSN 2 is not included in all packages. It used to show the CFL game if the other one was delayed, or if whatever was on before was going over, namely golf or baseball. Now many if not most MLS games on TSN 2.

Back to Back NFL games still have the odd game overlapping, not as much now that they pushed back the second game. However, doesn't the NFL avg over 3hours per game, so overlapping still happens.

As for CFL back to back. I think it is fine on Saturday's or Sunday's, but weekdays, hate it.
This week we have a Wednesday game, back to back on a thursday and then a Saturday game. I really hate this schedule. Also, no Friday Night Football. Wasn't this TSN's idea, and they put extra hype behind it. It was like the game of the week. Nothing this week. Instead 2 games on Thursday, a day that once the NFL starts, the CFL can't be found on that day anymore.

I love back to back games, I agree there should be a break between them, as well I like the idea of the multi-channel use as well. I dislike Thursday Lions home games, even Fridays is tough, but I love Saturday and Sunday home Lions games. Also where is the post game show??

this Friday evening is the Olympic games opening ceremonies.
women's soccer started today , Canada defeated Australia 2 - 0