TSN - Adds two more commercial breaks per game

I got word that TSN has added two more commercial breaks per game this year. Does this bother anyone?

sortof, but as long as they dont occur during game play, I can live with it.

but where is the link to the source of your info???

Mr. Connery is close to the action :wink:

Roger Moore
Sean Connery


You got some secret inteligence mr bond???

i have said too much already.

Last year while watching the thanksgiving classic, I forget whether it was on CBC or TSN, they went to commercial, and when they came back a play had been ran. This is one of the reasons people think the CFL is bush league.

Whether we like it or not, the fact remains that the advertisers pay the freight for getting the games televised.
So, sometimes we miss one play. No big deal. Count your blessings.

It starts with one play. And then it's two, and three, and four... and soon enough we won't even have a game, just three hours of Wendy's commercials.

Exactly, this does not even happen in junior hockey, so why should it happen with the CFL? Would TSN dare miss one play of NFL football? i highly doubt it.

And then, nobody watches. Then Wendy's gets the message that they are wasting their advertising dollars. Then they cut back to reasonable time slots.

Come on. Let's get real. This whole scene will be generally kept in control. Nobody kills the goose that lays the golden eggs.

It should be noted that I was being sarcastic... :lol:

damn…I was so looking forward to those 3 hrs of commercials…sigh

You'd have to be pretty hard up for TV... :stuck_out_tongue:

We have been building up our collection of TV dvds, mostly kid friendly 50's to 70's shows, and we are getting more and more used to no commercials. I am almost starting to feel commercial deprived, but not quite :lol:

Thats the beauty of a PVR....record now watch later and skip the commercials..... Cept for sports, I cant watch recorded sports

its interesting, I do not enjoy recently recorded games, but I do really enjoy classics, real classics, ie those that are at least 10 yrs old where a large number of players are not playing anymore. ESPN classic keep putting on games only a few yrs old and calling them classic. sheesh

If it means less air time for Jock Clime. Clowdorf and Mustashultz I'm ok with the extra commercials.

never ever disrespect the schultz.

Besides, he shaved his stash a whole season ago.

[b]More commercials to me means me sitting in the stands :

Wondering why the HELL nothing is happening on the field.

Me screaming, "Do the refs really need another water break? They haven't even ran since their last one!"

Me wondering why they didn't announce this 8 min delay so I could go for a beer run or urine break.

Me forced to watch another Sasktel Maxtron commercial that features O'day, Szarka and Makowsky baking cakes and telling bad jokes.

Me Screaming, "Start the play!!!!!!!"[/b]