TSN/ 95 Grey Cup Feature

The worst Grey Cup ever . Two teams and one team had to follow the rules and the other didn't have too. I felt bad for the stamps in that game, they should have dropped the import rule for that game, just to ensure a even playing field ! The weather was awful, not the cold but the 75 km winds, which was ridiculous !

I thought you were describing the '96 game, there was no way that the CFL was going to let the Argoes and Flutie their big money baby lose. Flutie threw on pass when he was at least 3 yards over the line of scrimage the just looked to the ref as if to say, “don’t you dare drop that flag”.

The only game I have ever thought that the fix was in.




back to the strapped chair you go now! time for the straight jacket..

so much for being a voice of reason. :roll:

Your right should be Voice of Fact. :cowboy:

there was no way the cfl could have stopped flutie and the argos from winning. Greatest cfl team ever.

That was a great feature on the Stallions and the other HOF inductees. Couldn't get over the great balls all those qb's were throwing. Truly a great time period as far as the play on the field

I thought you would have mentioned the phantom 3rd down gamble where Flutie was stuffed at the line of scrimmage and fumbled the football. Not only was the fumble negated, but they somehow credited Flutie with the yardage necessary to gain the first down. The late Ron Lancaster called it the worst call he'd ever seen, and it was essentially the turning point of the game

One team had to follow the rules and the other didn't ! It was a embarrassing time period for the league ! That makes the play on the field unfair !

If it wasn't for the stats being lost I would like to have those two seasons erased from cfl history. But then all the player stats would have to be adjusted