TSN 2 Game of the Week Regina & Montreal WTF !?!?!??!?!?!?!?

That's right folks, voted by the fans of Regina ! I guess they wanted to see them get hammered again :lol: What a JOKE :roll:

The Regina Fans just Love hearing Rod Black talk about Duron Carter of Montreal and want to hear more of him again, plus Regina fans want to over analyze were the Riders went WRONG AGAIN, 2nd QB, 3rd QB, 4th QB, wait Bartell can throw the ball let’s put him in the game??

Well I’m guessing Hamilton fans are not masochists so we would not vote for our game to witness our incredible late game collapse - and this result may be just another indication of the depth of the Argos problems - because one would think Argos fans would love to have it as the Game of the Week and would have voted that way.

To be totally fair though it may have something to do with the fact that not only did TSN2 replay the Cats - Argos game late night Friday but also the main TSN channel - at least TSN4 in these parts - replayed the game Saturday morning in the time slot that is usually Premier League soccer since there were no Prem ier League games this past weekend because of Euro qualifiers.

So the Argos - Cats game had already been replayed twice.

Josh Bartel? Isn't he from Australia?

I thought he was the son of some guy whose in the Australian Rugby Hall of Fame :roll: oh and by the way just in case you haven't heard(like a 1000 times)already,apparently Duron Carter and Luke Tasker both had daddies who played in some league called the NFL. :roll:

Do they still vote on a replay game? I think with the addition of the 3 new TSN channels, they replay every game now. The Argos HUGE victory over the kitty cats, was replayed at midnight Friday as well as Saturday morning. Possibly even more, but I didn't check.

Any bets on who Duron Carter's dad is?

Yup, you vote on tsn.ca it's called the game of the week and it's played every Tuesday night !

OK, but at 10 eastern tonight, they are replaying the Edmonton-Winnipeg game on TSN1. For that reason, and the fact that they replay every game now, does it really matter what game TSN2 shows on Tuesday evening? Most people PVR games now anyways. I do, and just re-watch whatever game I desire.

Don't sell Rider fans short! If that game gets replayed enough times, the law of averages has to kick in and Saskatchewan will get that win - right Rider fans?

I think it was Gary Carter.... Hence why Duron loves it in Montreal!

Wonder why papa would do commercials with his daughter Christy and not his son Duron?


Too funny!!!

Probably a lot fans out there just want to see the Riders get beat up on again...

Does it really matter ? Pvr the game you like and watch it as many times as you want ! Another idea , go outside and interact with society instead of watch a game you know the end result and just saw :roll: