TSN 1200 needs to talk less about the Senators

Does TSN 1200 ever stop talking about the Senators ? It' s the RedBlacks opening season game and they're still talking hockey. Don't get me wrong, I love hockey and the Senators but c'mon it's CFL Football season !!! Sheesh !!! We've had 10 months of hockey already !!!! :roll:

I understand they had their awards show last night, but still...

They've done some decent interviews throughout camp though. The usual suspects (Burris, Campbell, Desjardins) but also Jeff Avery and I believe Darren Joseph today. If you haven't heard those yet, see if you can track 'em down. :thup:

Have to agree I live in Toronto and there is no cfl talk..always hockey.....I podcast a lot of tsn1200 down here and surprised the Redblacks aren't getting as much coverage as last year....huge sens fan but hey wait till fall at least and split it 50/50

In Vancouver its 23.75/7 Canucks all year round.

McCowan gets a lot of grief here I know. But I think he is pretty good in comparison.

The city that I think offers the best balanced media coverage by a mile is Winnipeg.

Yes you are right. And why does a "goon" sport like hockey hold their "Awards" in Vegas and dress their players up in tuxedos and pretend like it's a Hollywood premier or award show............. :expressionless:
Or are they pretending that it's really a legit serious sport?

Welcome to TSN radio, hockey hockey and more hockey talk, 24/7.
It is friggin nauseating.

It's the same thing everywhere. Unless there is an actual Lions game in progress TSN 1040/1410 in Vancouver is all Canucks. Glen Suitor comes on Wed mornings for about 10 minutes and apparently there is a spot with Tedford once per week that I have not heard yet. That's about it.

I get in my car in the morning and it's Eddie Lack this, Kevin Bieksa that, Gary Bettman blah blah blah, then SIX MINUTES of ads (yes I have timed it more than once) then the same Eddie Lack this, Kevin Bieksa that, Gary Bettman blah blah blah. Then in the evening when I get back in the car to drive home it's Eddie Lack this, Kevin Bieksa that, Gary Bettman blah blah blah ... it's like a hockey loop and it's all filler.

Ok here's the serious version. Each sport gets it's weekly spot, and certain sports that are in the spotlight will get a good interview, but in between each show host just rehashes that same bull, which is almost always about the Canucks. Dan Shulman comes on once per week and talks baseball. I like baseball but I don't really follow it. I could not tell you who is in first place right now, but Dan Shulman is brilliant. I love listening to him, he really is great. They talk to him for 15 mins. The next 2 hours, it's Burrows didn't skate today in practice, do you think he'll dress? if not who takes his place? Then Alex Marvez comes on as an NFL insider. He does his 15 minutes once per week and he's generally quite good as well. Then there's another hour with the next show host blabbing about how Burrows didn't skate today ... :confused: Then since the FIFA scandal happens to be in the spotlight they do an excellent interview with the president of Soccer Canada, like wow, really good stuff. Then back to, so Burrows didn't skate in practice ... let's take some calls ... yes dumbass from Port Coquitlam what do you think about Burrows? "D'uh, I think like that if the GM what's his name Bender the robot had any clue he'd just trade Burrows for Jonathan Toews ... d'uh ..."

The station ALREADY spends over 50% of it's airtime talking about Canucks. Then a couple of years ago they got the idea that they needed some MORE Canuck programming, so they came up with 'Canuck Lunch'. One hour dedicated show to talk about what they would have otherwise been talking about anyways. :roll: Then a few months later they expanded it to TWO HOURS! And to top it off the host of the show is Matt Sekeres. I love Matt Sekeres, he used to be BAR NONE the best in depth sports writer in the country. Now he's got this cushy retirement gig where nothing needs to be researched, just blab into a mic about the latest groin pull or hangnail.

If u want tons of CFL talk go to riders station www.greenzone.com