TSN 1150

TSN 1150 is live now, so far a lot more CFL talk than TSN 1050 has.

Yeah, but that's not really surprising. I mean Hamilton has a CFL team, an OHL team, a CIS team and talk at best of a NASL or new division soccer team.

This is opposed by TO that has a CFL team, a NHL team, a MLB team, a NBA team, an AHL team, and MLS team, two CIS teams, a MLL team, talk of a NASL or new division soccer team, arguably an OHL team in the Steelheads, and endless futile talk of an NFL team.

I don't fault TSN 1050 for spreading themselves. What I do fault them for in year round NHL coverage, up front and centre when there is so many other pro sports there.

I totally agree with your assessment, but I am so glad there is a new sports radio station available in the GTA.
I would like to hear more CFL and CIS talk. :thup:
Unfortunately, when I tuned in today around 3:00, they were broadcasting that awful "Leafs Lunch" show with Brian Hayes and Jeff O'Neill. I can't stand them.

TSN 1050 has way more Jays / MLB coverage than it does Argonauts / CFL coverage. Bell owns TSN, has the CFL rights and bought the Argonauts. Rogers owns Sportsnet, the FAN590 and the Blue Jays. Something doesn't make sense.

Umm - radio stations cover things that get them listeners. Just like TV stations. They put on programs for which they get viewers

So I have no doubt there is a lot of Jays coverage on TSN TV and TSN radio stations - because those stories get them listeners and viewers right now. They get ratings reports in something like 3-5 minute segments from rating agencies - so they quite quickly know which topics keep more listeners and what topics don't. So if you see them talking about a ton of Leafs and Jays on TSN 1050 - they are doing that for the ratings talking about those teams attract.

In Hamilton I'm sure they'll do a fair bit of Ti-Cats coverage on TSN 1150 if it continues to attract decent ratings for them. But there are likely as many Jays fans in Hamilton right now as there are Ti-Cats fans - so I would expect to hear lots of Jays stuff on TSN 1150 too.

Here is the thing, I fully believe that TSN gets it. Yes, Rogers is the competition, but they aren't going to alienate MLB fans and rock the band wagon because it will make their brand look like jerks. Besides, TSN has other MLB rights beyond the Jays and you can bet if the Expos come back, TSN will be barking up that tree. This is opposed by Rogers who has alienated CFL fans across the country with their childish attacks.

Anyways, what I hope that these two stations realize, is that they share the same broadcast area. If I want Leafs lunch (which I don't), I'll go to the source on 1050, there is no reason to rebroadcast it on 1150. Conversely, if I want more CFL talk, I would think 1150 would have more of it then 1050 would, because the Ti-Cats and the CFL are higher in the food chain in Hamilton vs Toronto. It's not hard to have a 20 second ad, snuck in at 1050 saying "Are you looking for CFL talk, tune in to our Hamilton affiliation station, TSN 1150 at this time." and vice versa.

It only makes sense to focus on the CFL, OHL and CIS on 1150 and the MLB, NHL and NBA on 1050 and share the NFL coverage, and give the other station secondary coverage of another league as needed. (IE: Leafs game on 1050, matching random NBA or NHL game you have the rights to on 1150). I'm pretty sure they'll get it fairly right.

I don't think that anyone is saying that TSN shouldn't cover MLB. However it would be nice if they gave similar coverage to the CFL. Especially since it would be protecting and promoting their investment.

I was happy to be able to listen to a good chunk of the Marauders/Gee-Gees game on Saturday.

:thup: :rockin:

That was an excellent football game. Caught a good chunk of it on Cable 14 here in Hamilton.