TSN 1150 Radio -Jim Tatti & Louis B?

Looks like the TiCats broadcast partner (TSN 1150) has shuffled their lineup.

No more Marsh and Melo early in the morning. I will miss that as I listen daily on my way into work. Like hearing all the TiCats updates.

Looks like they each now only have a one hour show. Marsh at 9am and Melo at 3pm.

Looking deeper into their website I now see no mention of Tatti & Louis B’s show.

Anyone have any inisight?

I sent an email today telling the program director what a pile of BS is program changes are. Now we get to listen to more retread Toronto sports, we can find out what kind of peanut butter the leafs 6 round pick likes.

TSN 1050 Toronto is so boring I want to shoot myself. same with the fan

I dont care about the Raptors, Jays, Leafs or any MLS teams. TSN 1050 must have shitty ratings thinking they will pickup some more points Hamilton way.

I am and Argo fan and work in TO but also like the Ti-Cats. I want to only hear about the CFL and those 2 teams plus U sports. Now if I listen when I drive into work I only hear these dead people from TSN 1050. I am done with them. Music anyone.

Here is an opportunity CHML - please.

I doubt their ratings are bad. If you watch Sportsnet or TSN the coverage is all Toronto, Toronto, and Toronto. Except very little is mentioned about the Argos.

You are in the minority unfortunately for you. There isn’t enough main stream interest in Canadian U sports and CFL to support an all sports radio station. Maybe McMaster and U of T have radio stations that are accessible for your U sports interest?

TSN = Toronto Sports Network. If it isn’t of interest to their Toronto demographic, it either doesn’t make the cut or is buried in the rolling scroll or the cut to commercial summary.

I don’t mind the TSN 1050 overflow so much, (the 1050 signal doesn’t always do so well this far west, while 1150 comes in clear as a bell)

its the ESPN nonsense they subject us to. Dan Patrick and Jim Rome can go away yesterday please. I’ll take three hours of Louis B over that garbage

took 1150 off my car buttons. Can’t listen at 9 or 3. Useless station without the CFL and U sport coverage.

I think it’s pretty evident from all the cuts TSN has made to its radio service (not just in Hamilton but in other markets as well, including Toronto) that sports talk radio has not been a big ratings or financial winner for Bell to this point.

Good to see similar views to mine. I love the CFL talk that TSN1150 had up until last week. I don’t mind Overdrive and First Up but honestly you can hear the station clearly in 90% of Hamilton. So I don’t agree with the duplication.

Does anyone know if Tatti and Louis B will continue with the station? And specifically if they will be part of the TiCats broadcasts?

That’s OK. More time to listen to your 8-track player. ;D

Nah… plug in my thumb drive with my top all-time 180 instrumentals on it.

Only had an 8 track once. And one tape… it was in the car when I bought it. Sesame Street Birthday songs, I think.

Got old REAL quick. ?

CFL is on sirrus radio for the games. Maybe its time to have a syndicated CFL show morning and night. Drive in and drive home.

here is the linkhttps://www.siriusxm.ca/newsroom/siriusxm-canada-broadcast-every-2018-cfl-season-game/

I am having withdrawal symptoms

I’m pissed at TSN too, and also sent them a few emails to that effect.

They had the nerve to reply that were still “committed to providing the best sports radio for the region” .

The timing seems horrible, they’re about to have SO much Hamilton content with CPL and CEBL starting up.

While we’re talking about other platforms…

The Athletic’s CFL coverage, although sparse (only one overview per week and only in season) is pretty decent. Give it the free trial in season

It probably only makes sense to have CFL dedicated shows during the season and around important dates on the calendar like the draft. The new soccer and basketball leauges would provide content, and I think these new leauges need exposure on tsn to gain traction, much like the CFL needed tsn to get where they are today.

If tsn is serious about content, they should divorce rogers as co-owners of mlse, and as part of the settlement, tsn gets to own a Hamilton NHL team, with zero "territorial"rights paid to mlse.

I’m sure Gary Bettman would be all over that proposal. 8)

there is always CFL news. A syndicated radio broadcast on Sirius Radio or any other station that wants to pick it up.

I was thinking 3downnation with Dunk and company to compliment his web site. On 900 CHML or other as an example but diving to or from work. I think it could work. If TSN 1050 can talk about the Leafs 24 hours a day 7 days a week, the CFL show can fill 2 hours a day for 5 days.

Im not saying they wouldn’t pay an expansion or relocation fee, but an indemnification payment only is required to toronto and buffalo… and even that’s on shaky legal ground. But since bell is currently co- owner of mlse, they’d be paying themselves.

Its too bad about 1150 cutting their programming, I loved listening about Hamilton sports; without having to listen about the never been leafs.

Although Tatti never did remove the leaf tatoo from his rear end.

I would rather listen to GR55 from Buffalo over anything from Toronto, esp 590 garbage.

NHL in Hamilton is a pipe dream and will never happen.

Dunno what happened but I’ve changed back to 900 chm n listen to the new