TSN 1150, no more local programs?

Listening this week and didn't hear any local Ticats lunch or Marsh and Milton.
Sounds look no one even noticed on here?

Sounded like all U.S. syndicated stuff.

I gave up on listening to that station long ago.
Not because of the programming but the sound quality of the broadcast.
WAY too heavy on the bottom end and nearly impossible to understand without straining to listen.
I had to re EQ every time I switched to that station.
Became to much of a chore.
The same with the mother station...thanks but no thanks

I absolutely hate the fact that our sports stations broadcast American programming. Even 1050 in Toronto does it way too much. There is no way on Earth that we will ever hear anything about anything going on in our own country. This is what is killing Canadian sports. The media is too gung ho to be part of the American scene. We should be having sports shows talking about Junior hockey, just as much as the Yanks talk about college sports. We have our own college football teams. We have our own professional football league. They should be promoting our sports !!!

The Upper Wentworth Station was severely damaged due to a flood around 11:00 AM Monday, just before TiCats at noon!
It has been deemed unsafe to enter the building.
They did TiCats at noon from THF yesterday with no commercials, I expect TiCats at noon will be from THF again today
It may be a couple of weeks before the Station is restored.
IMHO TiCats at noon and Marsh and Milton are 2 very good shows

They also did an hour of Marsh & Milton from the THF last night, again commercial free.
Sounds like security is just letting someone in the radio building long enough to switch the feed over to the stadium and then back to the Fox sports syndication.

meh.. stopped listening about the second day it came on line.. not enough Hammer talk

Just listening to the Ticats @ Noon which is again from THF. It was a burst water main that caused the damage but according to Tatti they hope to be back in the building tomorrow.

1 full hour of all TiCats talk every weekday at noon and Milton and Marsh are total Hammer talk,
2 hours pre game, the game and 2 hours post game every TiCats game day
There has never been more "Hammer talk" on any radio station, ever!
This is all since Sept., 2.5 months, We should support it because if no one listens to it then it will perish.
Ratings are super important in radio, Use it or lose it.

I agree

sorry G it isn't enough but even the little they do I miss it due to my hours I work.

listen to buffalo radio talk about the Bills and than tell me we spend enough time talking about the Cats but if you and others are happy thats cool with me sir! :smiley:

we are being used G, TSN just needed another station to talk about Toronto sports and NFL

Maybe a little HELP, Please,

I'm going to be in Williamsburg Virginia ( William and Mary ) from Sunday to Sunday next week and will the game. I had hoped to, at least, catch the radio broadcast on-line of AM1150.

Any ideas for being able to watch it would be appreciated. :thup:

I'm sure down there, everything will be NFL. :wink:


it'll have what you are looking for :wink:

They broadcast it because that it what the majority of sports fans want to hear. It's not about putting on what they think Canadians should be listening to, when it comes to sports there are no borders.
The ratings on these syndicated sports shows are high a lot of Canadian sports fans listen to it.
Even in the US there is very little local sport program coverage it's about the national syndicated programs.
You start putting on junior hockey talk or Canadian college talk and the ratings would drop off and everyone would be tuning into US stations on the radio or internet.

What really surprised me was the complete lack of Bulldogs talk which I guess is understandable, since they don't have the rights to the Bulldogs, but still. There are only three teams in Hamilton, The Ti-Cats, the Bulldogs and the Marauders. It shouldn't be hard to get all three on board.

GREAT THANKS :thup: :thup:

TSN doesn’t have the rights to the blue Jays, but that doesn’t stop them from talking about them.
1150 should be 50% tigercats, marauders and Bulldogs, IMO.

Wow, didn't hear about the flood. That explains things.

Big Yesss Guy for TSN1150 still hangin around.
I think Marshall is doing a great job for a local guy. I actually thought he was a real radio guy when I first heard him and Milton, which is a compliment! Also enjoy him after the games.
I like not missing Leaf Lunch as they put it on after the Ticats at Noon which is cool...those guys are pretty good too.

Usually what Milton says gets repeated in the Spec next day which takes a bit away from my morning Spec read but he has great insight and knowledge in all sports and I value his opinions!

Good stuff. Thanks for the update!

The game is being streamed on YouTube

I used to listen to TSN Drive with Dave Naylor when I drove home from work every weekday, but after listening to Milton and Marsh, I only listen to TSN 1150.

I don't like reading Milton's columns in the Spec, but find him very insightful and interesting to listen to on radio. Especially when he is talking about the Ticats (which is a lot).

And I think Ferguson could easily be a host on any sports talk radio show. He shows incredible maturity for his age. He is articulate, knowledgeable, and entertaining.

I look forward to their show every weekday.

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