TSN 1050 sure not helping the cause

I thought I'd visit TSN 1050 radio to see what hey had in terms of Argo/CFL coverage on their homepage. Unbelievably, zilch! And, this is the radio rights holder (not to mention part owner of the CFL's Toronto franchise).

Lead story is, of course, the Blue Jays: Griffin: Expect Sanchez to be rejuvenated in his next start

Next story is NFL: Marvez: Door open for Prescott to take over Romo's job

Then, NFL (Kaepernick), Ryder Cup, more Blue Jays, more Blue Jays, more Kaepernick, bull riding (yes, bull riding!), golf, more Jays, then some soccer stuff.

And, people wonder why the Toronto Argonauts struggle at the gate...

Is Ricky Ray back this Thursday? If so, that could be a story.

What I find incredible is the talk of spending big $ on advertising/marketing campaigns. A good - and cheap! - starter is talking about your own product yourself. It's a no- brainer. There's a reason Sportsnet gives wall-to-wall coverage of the Blue Jays.

Hey, maybe they're listening to you. They've just added this:

Ray: Back under centre for the Argos
Toronto Argonauts QB Ricky Ray joins TSN 1050 Today to discuss his return to the lineup.

Just listen to 1290 Winnipeg. It was wall to wall CFL talk today and almost every day. They also talk to other cities players and media. Last week they talked to Bo Levi, have Drew Edwards on almost daily .They just spent half an hour talking to the guy runs 3rd down nation . They don't even have the Bombers broadcast rights and still give the CFL great exposure .

tsn1290 is awesome on bomber game days and also Calgarys and Reginas coverage for their teams.

edmonton would be next in line and ottawa's they are right behind the best.

vancouver also has a good one probably put them next in line.

I don't know about other cities, but I agree with you about TSN1200 in Ottawa. They're great. Content throughout the week, a weekly radio show, coverage of QB Clubs, post-practice interviews, etc, etc. :thup:

If you want to hear CFL talk in Toronto you have to tune in TSN 1150 Hamilton. TSN 1050 Toronto rarely talks CFL.

Even then ......it's not all that in depth or league wide stuff. 1290 winnipeg will have talked to somebody from the other 8 CFL cities ,multiple times this CFL season.Individually they will have Dunnigan, Stegal or some one from the TSN crew on , weekly. Then take calls on what ever CFL subject has come up.

Lawless promo for the show this aft .......... "we will have Rod Pederson the Rider's cheerleader on the show " :smiley: :smiley:
Should be a lively segment !!!!

I'm just outside the greater Toronto area.

I think that I'm finally going to make the break permanent with Toronto TSN radio. . At least with the morning show (Blundell et al) completely even though they do the best Jays coverage.

This morning they had a "poll" in which only 16% (about 80 people participated) said that they wanted out-of-town CFL scores. The hosts then went on to joke about the CFL, say that they weren't "crapping on it" and proceeded to say that they didn't even know the team names or cities but were somehow sure that Alberta had 2 teams... they thought.

They then gave the LPGA scores and the results of a tennis tournament and went to an NFL segment.

I wrote to them in a reasoned manner - not that it will do any good - commenting upon some of the foolishness: the use of a junk poll and the lack of a corresponding poll asking about interest in LPGA scores, etc., but think that I've given up on the station. They will do what they do and obviously they think that it BOOSTS their ratings to hit the CFL.

I see TSN Hamilton and Ottawa just stream ESPN for most of the morning :roll: :roll: .1290 has had Riders play by play guy on, Dave Naylor was on and loaded with CFL talk all day. They talk Jays and other sports as well. But they treat the CFL as an equal.

And, of course there's zero coverage of Ray being out at QB. It just baffles me why you wouldn't promote the heck out of your own product first and foremost.