TSN 1050 - Argos Broadcasts with Mike Hogan

everyone knows TSN 1050 will broadcast the Argos games with the television feed.

900 CHML was the broadcaster in Hamilton for the Ti- Cat games, seems like forever. CHML got pushed aside by TSN 1150. CHML still has the same play by play crew on staff and they always had a pre and post game call in show for the Ti-Cats.

Could this work with Mike Hogan and would it be accepted in Toronto? I'm in.

Depends on who's staff would do the games if TSN 1050 is no longer producing it?

Or put Hogan in the TV booth to call most if not all of the Argos games. Boot Black and replace with Hoagie and I'm in.

Trump is president so it's almost believable that a Hamilton radio station would ever broadcast Argo games.


It would sure be a sign of the end of days

Already been done with Bob Bratina 1st doing Ti-Cat broadcasts and then moving over to do Argos. Bob then became Hamilton Mayor.

Who did he cheer for on Labour Day? :wink:

No. No one in Toronto listens to CHML, the ratings would be absolutely minuscule. This is an awful idea.

I don't think that even anybody in Hamilton bothers to listen to CHML anymore , let alone anyone listening in Toronto.

I guess the point is more Toronto fans would listen to CHML if they knew they were broadcasting Argo games over the air. Perhaps thousands might tune in if they didn't like the TV commentary on TSN1050 radio (i.e. Rod Black or Cuthpert's "Did you see that!") and wanted a real radio broadcast. :wink:

It wouldn't work without repeater stations or a more powerful transmitter. CHML can be received until just about downtown Toronto. Once you're off the Gardener Expressway and into town all you can hear is static. Absolutely no reception east of downtown.

Doesn't matter, when you listen on the internet, it's super clear. You can be in East Toronto or Timbuktu and pick up TSN 1150
Repeater stations, power transmitters? things of the past

I agree! Kick Rod Black back to figure skating and let Mike Hogan do the PxP on Television. :thup:

Good news, TSN 1050 and the Argos have come to their senses! :thup:

Mike Hogan is back doing PxP of Argos games on Team 1050 radio


[i]Boy is it great to be back!

I can’t tell you how fantastic it felt to get a phone call from the Argos Sr. Director of Media and Communications Jamie Dykstra asking me to once again be a part of the Double Blue family.

Needless to say, I enthusiastically said yes.

Those who know me understand how important the sport of football is to me and my family. In fact, many of the people I’ve met through Canadian football – and particularly the Toronto Argonauts – I now consider family.

I’ve been passionate about the league and the team since the days of Bill Symons, Peter Martin and Leo Cahill, and I’m thrilled that the Argos are allowing me to share that passion with you.

This season I’m pleased to announce that Jeff Johnson and I will be back to do the play-by-play for all home games and some assorted road contests as well. J.J. and I share a passion for both the team and the sport, and we’re both looking forward to reuniting on TSN 1050.

Jeff and I will also be hosting a podcast this season. Loads of opinion, and interviews with coaches, players and assorted media types. We’ll announce the details in a few days.

You’ll also be able to get more in-depth coverage on the team through a series of articles I’ll be writing for Argonauts.ca. You’ll get an average of three stories per week, including an article with my thoughts after each game. It will be different than a typical post-game story, with lots of opinion breaking down the game in its’ entirety.

Finally, I’d like to extend a heart-felt thank you to everyone who reached out when it looked like I might not return this year. I’m back and am beyond fired up to get this thing started.

Is it June Yet?

See you at BMO Field.[/i]

Mike Hogan

As I stated on Argofans. This is a nice compromise.

Hogan will do the home games and road games in Hamilton. The other road games will still be simulcast but the weekly podcast is a nice addition for today's content.

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/hogan-johnson-lead-expanded-argos-digital-coverage-1.761329]http://www.tsn.ca/hogan-johnson-lead-ex ... e-1.761329[/url]

Well done Argos for listening to your fans. Small things like this will go a long way to rebuild the franchise. :thup:

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yes good news


Put an aerial in the air, and you can get 25+ digital hd channels in the GTHA...