Does anyone know how a perspectiev U.S. player can get a tryout or invite to a training camp with a CFL team.

Through his agent?

Lots of prospects don't have agents yet.

I don't believe the CFL has a league tryout camp, other than the evaluation camp. You need to pick a team and try out for it; you can usually find info on the team websites. There is usually a small fee involved. Every year there are successful walk ons so it's worth trying for it. Pick a team that is rebuilding and who knows (this year that's most of them). Just make sure you show up in shape.

Good Luck.

Here's the link for the Eskmos tryout camp:

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For Montreal

Really? I figured most NCAA guys would have one...

For the Leos:

The high draft guys do, but the rest mostly don't. Or their agent is their dad or family friend. There are thousands of quality players who get overlooked every year and never get drafted at all. These are the diamonds in the rough that the CFL looks for in their tryout camps. After a couple of years of pro polish some of them can do pretty well for themselves, and maybe even get a look from the NFL. We've seen quite a bit of that happening this off season.