Anyone know of any tryouts/mini camps for the CFL being held in the US? When and where?

Tryouts are on a team by team basis and not every team does them. Often they will post this info on their own websites.

IF you are looking at trying out for a CFL team, I would suggest checking out the Players Association site for a list of agents ... &cat=agent

or contact each teams GM yourself.

Well I heard there was a mini camp of some sort in Orlando Fl next week or maybe even this weekend, any truth to that? I can't seem to find information on any of the teams websites...

Someone ask Eric on 'Ridercult' and help this guy get to a camp!


I have found the following links to camps, BC will be announcing shortly and Edmonton and Winnipeg have the schedule up. Not sure about the other teams, I do know that Saskatchewan will not be holding any and I believe that a number of the other teams do not hold open tryouts.




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The Stampeders have one this weekend down in Florida.