Hey whats going on my name is Jermaine Scott im 23 and I live in
Greenwich ct.
Im trying to find out some more info for tryouts. I dont care what team I just want to play. Well he is alittle more info about myself. Im 5'8 240 pounds, should be about 250 or 260 in the next few months. I run a 4.3 40, I played runningback in high School and in college I also ran track. my fastest time in the 100m was a 10.03. I would be willing to play any position. I always been told I
should be a LB because of my speed and size and I love to hit. Feel
free to contact me with any info on tryout or any other info you would
like to know about myself

well I dont know if u are going to have much success looking for work with the tigercats as a running back...we are stacked with talent at that position but never hurts to try...also I dont know if the staff is really looking for a 5'8" Linebacker...way to small for that position, if you want to try out and show them what u got, maybe you have something they are looking for... check out this link as it was a post a couple weeks ago by someone wondering about open tryouts


The only 5'8 guys I know in the league are corner backs and punt returners...if they have 4.3 speed.

yeah but i think im kind of to big to play corner back
maybe ss or fs

Neither of which are positions in the CFL.

I played Quarterback in high school football in Ottawa. Played Qb for competitive city ball teams such as the Bell Warrioirs and Nepean Redskins. I went to high School with Jesse Palmer on Montreal. In a city league game For the Bell Warriors at Qb I once beat Jesse at Qb for the Nepean Redskins. Jesse then switched city league teams to Myers Riders and was leading the league. I also played competitive basketball. I am 6'4" 220 lbs and want to tryout for the Starting Quarterback position fot the Hamilton Tigercats. I would like to know if the organization would be interested in a Canadian Qb with no college football experience.

I am a native Hamiltonian, six foot tall, 200 lbs, two bad knees (hockey) a bad back (old age) I wear glasses to drive, I run a 40 in about 15 - 20 seconds, heck I don't even know cause I have never been timed. I am seeking employment with the cats.
PS I can pour a mean water bottle, and folding towels is my specialty. Let me know I will be waiting by the phone for it to ring. Please no telemarketers!

I run a 4.3 40
You also smoke a lot of pot if you think you run a 4.3 40.

Dieon Sanders ran a 4.27. I'll admit that I dont know who you are but I doubt that you run as fast as Sanders did when he was 22

A 10.03 ---- 100m wow and at 250lbs !!!
A 10.03 would put you on the US olympic team.
No Canadian has run anywhere close to 10.03 in recent years.
If you can run a 10.03 we will make you a kick returner and a running back, you would be the fastest guy on the team and the fastest in the CFL.

Hi im 5'9, 200 lbs and a high school defensive end/ Tightend
I have no college experience and probably wouldnt be that great but i am Canadian so id work out the ratio
and I'll work for minimum wage
just ask my parents
ps. as a tight end i ocne caught an 88 yard TD pass and ran "the leather" back as a defensive end for a TD from 4 yards away
Talk to my agent

I thought we were through with the Ricky Williams jokes.

As for how someone could gain 10-20 pounds of (presumably) muscle in a couple of months, I think that's more of a Barry Bonds joke.

This thread has got to be one of the best I've read in a long time.

Cut the guy some slack. It sounds like he has something this team has lacked for a very long time; self confidence.

well good luck all who want to play for the cats. i'm also a quarterback...i play for the ironmen. so basically sign me up. lol

haha i think i'll wait awhile before i try out for the cats