Does the Hamilton Ticats have any tryouts? If so when are they? Who would I contact to if I wanted to tryout? Would love to play for them..Does anyone know the answers to this

if you have to ask your chances are slim. but good luck. they have a free agent camp every may before camp. cost you 100 bucks or so. you and about 80 guys can run around for the afternoon and tell all your girlfriends you tried out for the cats. seriously though unless they invite you there for a quick look you may be just risking personal injury. anyways good luck

We've actually had a few people invited to camp from the free agent camp and Woodard actually made the team from them.

I am an agent and know a former CFL player who would fit perfect with the ticats..I have been following you guys and know that this would be the year that they play over .500...Maas is a good QB, but needs the right system..Defence is good...Special teams to be desired..How good he is remains to be seen..but I think he still play well enough to compete and challenge any of the players in his position..Thank you for the info cause I couldnt find it on the website and no one is at the office...If there is anymore info please feel free to let me know..thanks

Generally speaking, once the date for training camp is announced there is a link on the home page of the site detailing where and when the free agent camp/camps will be and what the cost is.

borehamgirl. jonta was scouted and asked to come to that camp. they wanted to see him run around a little bit. alot different from walking off the street. you cant really tell me that camp is serious. i saw a guy run a 40 in cowboy boots one year. come on!!!

So that's where we found Todd Bankhead. :lol:

Was he wearing a mask?

An Argo fan

I hate to be disagreeable ( :wink: ) but I went the camp at IWS last year and you might not think it’s serious, but some of the guys trying out certainly do. I know there are those who just want to say they tried out, but there were also a few guys who were invited to training camp. I’m not saying there was a born starter there, but there were some potentially good players.

Hopefully the new coaches will take it seriously. If MArshall had DeAngelis would be kicking for us.

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unfortunately by the time that camp rolls around there is maybe 1-2 roster spots available. the coaches may be looking at a reciever to fill that spot or a tackle like in jonta 's case. they call him up and get him a few reps just to solidify their decision. so most cases there are 80 guys running around with no chance to crack a line up no matter what they do. its a cash grab in my oppinion.

Well the former player's name is Winston October is anyone familiar with him

Never heard of him. why is he good. lol. i hope as an agent you can get him a better opportunity then walking on to a open try out. good luck

He played with Edmonton a couple of years back?

Yeah he made player of the week against us back in 2004.

I realize that i should have put (sarcasm) beside the statement.

No, I think the lol gave it away quite nicely :wink:


Did he ever!!!!! :thup:

I think he started in the CFL with Montreal, then picked up by Edmonton after an unsucessful tryout with the NFL.

He got some good notoriety after helping to save the life of a fire victim in Edmonton.

The guy did have great "wheels"! Hey a link to that "player of the week" article! :wink:

What has he been up to lately??? It seems strange if he is in playing condition that he isn't playing at least somewhere!