Trying to watch the CFL playoff games this weekend while in Ft. Lauderdale

ESPN+ showed games that were not on ESPN2 or ESPNews. That is what you paid for. ESPN wanted to get money from hardcore fans of sports that they consider niche. So, they started a streaming service and charged $5 a month.

Right here screen shot and I was wrong as its showing espn3

Actually, I paid for more than that. I was lead to believe that ALL GAMES (a handful of regular season games excepted), including playoff games, were on ESPN+. That is apparently not the case. It just so happens that I have other accounts that will allow me to not miss the games on the other ESPN channels, but that’s not the point. There must be lots of people who don’t have access to either SlingTV, an ISP account with ESPN3, or ESPN+. We now know that they will be unable to see the games if they follow the advice on this web site and sign up for ESPN+ thinking they’ll get the games. There are going to be some very ticked off people out there unless ESPN simply screwed up and neglected to add them to published schedule.

ESPN+ $49.99 a year. That is $4.17 a month (not including taxes).

Why do you need slingtv?

SlingTV is my TV provider. I don’t have cable TV. It allows you to access ESPN (and a metric tonne of other crap) as if you have cable TV.

I know what it is i had it…just using it as example?
As opposed to directtv now or tikilive or …any tv provider.
Except philo they don’t do sports

You asked, I told you. I could use others, but I don’t. I’m not shopping around for a provider. I already have one.

Maybe you just forgot. :wink:

I forgot nothing, and I don’t feel obligated to apologize for changing my mind. In fact, things have changed since then. I have other reasons for keeping Sling, none of which I need to justify.