Trying to rip his Jersey off.

Did anybody notice Jason Maas on the sidelines?

After he got pulled he was on the sidelines and he was pulling at his jersey in a fashion that showed he really did not want to wear it anymore. I don't think he wants to be in Hamilton.

I noticed it when I was watching the game, then again on the CFL video from the webpage.

This is the frustraion I was talking about eariler this year. Jason Maas looked really angry last year. This year is a horrible way to start a season for him.

How come he hasnt had one full game? Yet the Coach still insists on putting him in.

This is not a "who should start at QB?" thread.

He is probably fustrated with his play, I would be mad too if I was in a slump so bad that it had people talkin like I was a washed up piece of trash.

I am sure that he is a lil homesick for Edmonton, his wife and kid is there that is his home. But this is pro-sports he was given a chance to be a starter which is something he really wanted after the return of Ricky Ray and he was given a rather large boost in salary to do so.

When I get really mad I look for something to destroy, my walls, something to just take out my anger on. Throwing a tantrum on the sidelines throwing his helmet and kicking things may have got him fined, This isn't baseball so that stuff isn't tolerated. So he unleashed his fustration by yanking on his jersey.

That is one possibility, but maybe you are right maybe he is unhappy with his time here I don't know I sure hope not..but he went from one of the strongest teams in the league to one of the weakest, not only that but he is contributing to our repuation of being weak. I am sure he thought when coming here he'd be able to help make out team a competitive one again.

He also has taken ALOT of flak from the fans here. Hamilton fans will eat you up and spit you out, we are a rough bunch..I have never called a player a bum here and never will but some of the other fans have been less than accomadating to our new QB. But fan critisizm comes with being a pro-athlete.

Who Knows ?

Give me a frickin' break. Don't you have anything better to do during the day than to over-analyse (excessively) every single minor gesture and movement a player does on the sidelines?

For crying out loud, for all we know, he was trying to "air out" the stinkiness that accumulates under the pads...

What a profound statement there "sigpig"...

For crying out loud, for all we know, he was trying to "air out" the stinkiness that accumulates under the pads...

:thup: :lol:

That same stinkiness also "wafts" into the play on the field! :stuck_out_tongue:

Team is not winning not much else to really talk about ti-cat related. We need to over-analyse things we have nothing left :frowning:

Maybe Fabreeze should become the next sponser of the CFL..

"Fabreeze those pads so that when you are sacked the Defence can smell an amazing spring meadow and not rampid BO!"

Might've been fleas.

An Argo-Cat fan

Maybe he was trying to exchange his #11 for the number of an OL.
He may have thought he could do a better job of pass-blocking. Now, I don't think he could, but maybe he did.

I have seen some really stupid threads on this site but this one by far takes the cake. Congrats! I will see if there is a prize for you. :slight_smile:

I think your reading WAY too far into this.

There is 350,000 reasons why Jason wants to keep his jersey on game day.

I think you're on to something and I don't think it stops at Maas. I saw almost the entire team after the game and NONE of them were still wearing their jerseys. I think we should be worried. :roll:

Hey woody, some of that stinkiness often wafts on to this site as well. :wink:

LMAO!! I like this explanation best.

Speaking of jerseys, why do the coaches allow players to walk around with their jerseys not tucked into their pants?'s so bush league to see pride or respect in the decorum clearly and it's those little things that erode the pride and respect for the uniform and Tiger-Cat traditions.....


So they finally agreed to let you into the locker-room after the games? Congratulations - I guess your letter-writing campaign worked after all.

LMAO!! Well played. I suppose I should know better by now. I discontinued the campaign and it had nothing to do with the restraining order. :stuck_out_tongue: I only have eyes for the president of my fan club. :wink:

Thank goodness we can find some time for a little levity, a short release from the agony that pervades this place after a game.
Keep this up for another couple of days, because.....

I have a feeling that after Thursday's game, we'll be singing the blues again.
Such is the life of a Ticat fan. We may not be winning, but we can still have fun!

Don't get me started on "short" or "quick" releases... :twisted:

good for maas love to see a few other players on this team be angry that we lost again. maybe we’ve had too many individuals in the last few who were quite content with losing.

slightly OT :wink: Did anyone catch the helmet to chin on Maas during the second quarter?
At about the 1 min remaining in the half ( for those who still have it recorded) #40 hits Jason right after he releases the ball.
Man that had to hurt.
Jason seemed to take it in stride thou.

That's when Maas is at his most effective - fired up and ready to bite off a few heads. Hmm, maybe someone should piss him off on a regular basis. :wink:

No I will not give you a break.

Look at the look aon his face when he gets pulled again. for the Third straight game. He is p!ssed.
And he is yanking on the jersey. Almost as if wanted it off his chest right now.

Imagine how tough it would be to be throwing for Hamilton trying to succeed year after year and being benched time and time again. Meanwhile everybody wants Chang to thorw.

I give Maas credit. But I bet he would rather be somewhere else.