Trying to recall a game from Lancaster/DMac era

Hoping someone can help me out here, I remember going to a game when I was a kid around 7-10 years old (99-02) when the Cats had the lead by less than a field goal and I am almost positive it was the Alouettes were driving down the field looking to take the lead late in the game, an event happened where the refs absolutely botched a call and the whole crowd went CRAZY, the whole stadium was chanting "bullshit, bullshit, bullshit", I had never heard IWS so rabid and loud since that day, anyway as the crowd went wild the Alouettes set up for a field goal to take the lead but the Cats ended up blocking the kick, I want to say it was Clifford Ivory or Gerlad Vaughan off the edge and the crowd then went even crazier but with smiles on their faces this time and I just remember it being one of my favourite moments as a kid at IWS.

Now like I said I was roughly 7-10 years old, do I have some type of Mandala effect going on here or did this actually happen or at least something close to it.

The closest I found was Sept 30, 2001 vs Als where Cats won 21-20 and Hitchcock apparently picked off a pass with 2:14 left to seal the game. Is this the game I am thinking of or was there another that fits how my brain remembers it??

Id appreciate any help just bugs me to this day if I just created this in my mind into something epic because I was a kid. I imagine you good people will be able to help with your crazy Ti-Cats knowledge.

Oh I think I remember the same game pretty sure Montford blocked the kick on the final play and it went nuts.

I remember this game too! I could be totally wrong as I was also pretty young at the time, but was it an extra point that got blocked?

Edit: Nevermind, that's the same game from your original post haha. I'm dumb.

An extra point actually sounds right to me...I remember it being an absolutely insane course of events and a blocked PAT would fit the bill, it was definitely a chip shot.

Thanks for the replies glad I'm not completely making stuff up lol

Yeah, sometimes the games we remember are the best, even better than the ones that were played? :thup: :thup:

Good one! Very well said!

My brother and I have arguments about things that happened long ago, and he said one time, "Well, my memory of things that happened before I was born isn't as good as it used to be." :wink:

2ez, it looks the the game you're referring to is indeed the one played on September 30th, 2001. After some Googling, I found an article on the game. Here is an excerpt from that article:

HAMILTON, Ontario (Ticker) -- Terry Baker's 23-yard field goal attempt on the final play of the game was partially blocked as the Hamilton Tiger-Cats held on for a 21-20 victory over the Montreal Alouettes.

Defensive end Joe Montford got his hand on Baker's kick, which
was retrieved in the end zone for a single.

And here is a link to that article: ... 273356.htm

So it looked like Montreal was almost certainly going to win that game on the final play of it, as Baker only needed to make a field goal from 23 yards out. But I can imagine what it must have been like at IWS after Montford deflected that FG attempt.

For Montreal, that loss was the second loss in a losing streak that would last for the rest of the season. I understand that one reason that losing streak happened is because Calvillo got injured in that game and had to miss a few games. That losing streak led to Rod Rust losing his job as the head coach, and he was fired after the Ticats defeated the Als 38-18. Then for the first of four times for that team, Jim Popp took over as head coach. But that Ticat team ended the Als season in the EDSF game that year. I remember the highlight of that game being a punt return TD where it looked like Archie Amerson would get nowhere. Amerson also caught a TD pass that game according to this: ... 315344.htm

I wish I could see videos of that blocked kick by Montford and that Amerson punt return TD.

Bingo! Sounds like we got a winner...or already had the winner but now it's completely confirmed. That describes pretty well what I remember, thanks a ton for digging up that article.

I vaguely remember the Archie Amerson play as well, would love to see the highlights of both plays. AA was my main man growing up, he sits a top my favourite players of all time I am not sure if I'd be such a big fan if I didn't love AA as much as I did as a kid...used to throw the ball around in the living room and do the little dance he used to do in the endzone, I just thought he was the absolute best lol funny you got a story bout my hero in a thread full of nostalgia, I'll use any excuse to talk bout Amerson.

But sounds like we solved my memory, hopefully it brought back some memories of a night long forgotten in IWS history for some others, I can still hear and see that crowd clear as day in my head 15 years later. If anyone can find any additional info, pics, video, articles that'd be awesome I am going to look around myself.

You my friend have a solid memory, nailed Montford as the guy who blocked it well done. What a physical freak that guy was.

I totally remember that game. Montford was a beast those huge shoulder pads just looked scary. And Archie oh man that guy was fearless as hell took so many huge hits and just got up like nothing.

Yup I remember that game very well as I was the one who took that 7 yr old kid 2ez to that game. :smiley: :wink:

On another matter I also recall that Alouette Elfrid Payton who was being heckled mercilessly by the rabid end zone fans at Ivor Wynne that day had snuck out of the visitors dressing room at half-time and jumped up and stole a Ti-Cat flag from a fan and took it into the Als dressing room. If I’m not mistaken he had the Alouettes all sign the flag before giving it back which made the fans go absolutely nuts throwing debris at the Alouette players and reigning loud BOOS down on them. I think it was the same game but it could have very easily been another game that I remember this from. Does anyone else remember this crazy incident ? if so , was it the same game or another game that this incident happened in ? or am I mistaken and it wasn’t Payton at all but another player or team (Argos?) that pulled this stunt ?

Sorry I got to this thread so late. Very good memory 2ez......the play you are talking about was a "catch" by Als receiver Jermaine Copeland with less than a minute remaining. He dove to catch a pass, he bobbled it and it clearly hit the turf which everybody saw but the referee. On top of that there was no whistle on the play, and with all the Ticats standing around thinking it was an incompletion, Copeland got up and ran further downfield. Like you said the crowd went CRAZY!!! but it all ended great for the 'Cats when Montford blocked Baker's 23-yard field goal attempt to seal the victory.
On another note Calvillo got injured earlier in the game when he was drilled in the shoulder by 'Cats linebacker Jason Lamar while diving for a first down. He was replaced by none other than Danny Gonzalez (who the hell was he?) who finished the game for the Als.

If your memory is correct, that's actually pretty hilarious, in hindsight.

I can't say for sure but I think this happened during an Argo game......maybe Mike Campbell did it?? Maybe Crash will remember since he was sitting in the endzone during this time?

I was at this game as well...Bobo was kind of enough to bring his son again, but if my young memory serves me correct it was an Argos game and might have even been Labour Day, and I was wrong on who blocked the kick but for some reason I remember it being Mike O'Shea who took the flag, I am probably wrong again just sounds like something MOS would have done lol That was hilarious to watch another one of my favourite memories as a kid at IWS.

Thanks for the additional info! I knew it was a ridiculously botched call, my foggy memory has slowly been coming back reading this thread, just adding to an already epic memory.

Actually I think that m-pope might just be partially right on this. After doing some research on this matter I found out that Payton well he did play for the Alouettes it was from "96-99" . Payton played for the Argos in the 2001 season. I'm almost positive that it was Payton who stole the flag but I'm now thinking that it was at halftime of the 2001 Cat/Argo Labour day classic. It couldn't have been Campbell as he retired as a Cat after the "99" Grey Cup. Campbell did though start his career as an Argonaut. Oh and just in case anyone is wondering we won that game that day 26-13 over those Hog town boys. :rockin: So does anybody else remember this incident or am I having a Mandela moment ? :slight_smile:

Naw it definitely happened, I remember it very well it was an Argo just not sure what bastard it was! I wish there were readily available highlights from older games.

Cant believe someone actually saw this. The flag was from our group. It was an old school Ticat flag and my friends were draping it over the Als as they came in. We were letting Elfrid have it at the time and he reached out and pulled the flag down. He then invited us to come down and get it from him.
Ticats staff brought us a brand new flag as a replacement and then someone from the field crew threw our flag back up. so when they came off the field we now had not 1, but 2 flags to drape over Elfrid.
My friends still talk about the incident to this day.
No signing of the flag though :slight_smile:
I would also like to add that all of us were in our mid teens, and believe it or not zero alcohol was involved :slight_smile:

I kinda figured you would have been one of the "troublemakers" involved in this incident. And bobo82 you were right all was Elfrid Payton and I would have bet it was the Argos.

That's awesome Crash :thup: :rockin: thanks for clearing that up. It's hilarious to think that a fellow poster in these forums was the one responsible for so much chaos so long ago :lol: . So my only question left is this...........Do you still have the flag ? :slight_smile: