Trying to find a ghost player 2000-2003

Hey All,

I'm trying to locate information on a former player named William (Bill) Lavigne who played with the Argos Toronto until 2003. His number is either 17 or 7.
I cannot find any information on this player. Any information would be appreciated.

No player with that name played in the regular season or playoffs for the Argos. Other players wore number 17 and 7 in the regular season around 2003...unless the person you are talking about was a training camp or preseason player or was on the practice roster.

Practise roster / tryout only?

I had a very similar situation with Bill Goldberg (the wrestler)
Everyone swears he played for the Sacramento Gold Miners (and even pics of his jersey)
I think it never happened though as he ended up with NFL team in same season so prob just tryout or something

Just like #74 of the Calgary Stampeders.

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Sounds like a classic case of the Mandela Effect :exploding_head:

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