trying not to think this way, but ...

after that game yesterday, I couldn't help thinking...."Printers, suck it up and PLAY!!!"
O.K. so you got hit, get up and finish the game.
I thought to myself, what a good actor, you really didn't want to complete a whole 60 minute game, and look bad.
Then fans would really know if you could cut it or not.
Were you afraid to show that you might not be able to pull it off?
Guess we'll never know now, at least for this year.
Maybe you wanted to make sure you could start spending your money alittle earlier, by finishing the game ahead of time.
The least I could say about your performance, and yes, I have been trying really hard not to judge too harshly, is....I am really DISAPPOINTED !!!

Casey Printers injury is legit!!

And yes!! He will be spending all his money this off-season. He's going to Cabo St.Lucas Monday morning. He'll be thinking of you in hamilton while he's on the beach!!!

:rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

I hope you're from Hamilton Phil. That's the only way you'll get away with saying that.

He's just standing up for Printers. Who's done nothing to deserve to be accused of being dishonnest with the fans. He hasn't had any success since he left the CFL in 2004 but he's been a pro about it.