Trying Camp Big Turnout..

The Ticats had a Nice Turnout Today for Open Tryouts.
People Came out from as Far as Phily
I was Very Impressed with the turnout…
It was nice to See Our QB Throwing …

Mass Looks Strong and in Great Shape…
This was the 1st Time for me Seeing Timmy Chang Up Close.
I Do Remember Watching His Games at Hawaii on TV.
I was Impressed… with the Zip on his Throws.

OnKnight, I wasn't there. So can you please tell me if any of the players who tried out today stood out to the point where you think the Ticats might offer them a training camp contract?

Thanks for the report Tom....I had to work today so any info on the QB's is good....


Well Ticatsackattack,
I can't stay anyone Really Wow Me..
The was one Linebacker who did play for Eagles.
if you like to know more Check out my Blog.

i was there as well today and i have to say i was impressed with Ray Thomas. He ran really well i believe 4.8 and during one on ones with an exception of a couple routes looked strong including on big circus catch. whatever happens with him i have a ton of respect for him. also we had a great turn out. Marcel and co. really mean business. this wasnt your average tryout. I truly believe we are headed in the right direction.

Thanks so much for the update on Ray's performance...I feel bad I couldn't be there today....his recovery has been an inspiration to me in my own life.....and in ways he doesn't even know...

yeah, sure, I get accused of pushing for him cause he's my friend but maybe it's because I pick good, quality people to be my friends always :smiley: ....and one's who can teach me stuff I need to know for my own life....

All the good luck in the world to you Ray...I know how much you want this! You are such a good Tiger-Cat at heart! :cowboy:

:D Photos from May 26 07. go to to see photos

Thanks for those!

Cant believe i didnt make it down, always enjoy the free agent camp but believe it or not... I forgot about it :slight_smile:

See you guys at training camp.

Thanks great picks, great looking camp. :thup:

Hey Tom, Your page loads and then it aborts. Anyone else have this problem?

Sorry about asking such a stupid question but i thought the Ticats held their camp at Mac every year

You are right that training camp has been at McMaster for the last few years. Before Bob, it was at Brock.

This thread is about the one day 'Open Player Tryout'

Thanks for those pictures. I hope the real brain trust shares their wisdom.

Oskee wee wee

I saw Bubba O'Neil on the sidelines in one of those pictures. Hopefully he will have a report on the camp tonight (Sunday) at 11:30 PM.

Ray Thomas deserves a shot in camp this Steeltown kid before his injury showed he has the heart and is steeltown tough GO RAY GO! :thup:

Hey Crash, don't forget there is a Rookie Camp this year.

Starting on Tuesday the guys chosen from Saturday's Try Outs

will be competing for 3 or 4 days at Mac to earn the chance
to get one of those cherished Training Camp roster spots.


This Rookie Camp is a great idea

It should improve the talent level
at our actual Training Camp

and make the competition
as strong as possible

especially if some already signed rookies
lose their Training Camp spots.

same problem here

same problem here too

The Problem is IE 7 ..
They need to patch it Crashes for me too
use Firefox or another Browser they all work.
Best to use Firefox I Find it works the best.

I let the people at Blogspot know there is a Problem
I also Sent a Messge to IE 7 Team at Microsoft.

I recently downloaded Firefox....and it comes in handy for cases like this.....I switch back and forth between Firefox and Explorer if I have problems accessing something with either.

Kind of a 'best of both worlds' thingy... :slight_smile:

Thanks to Onknight for starting a thread on yesterday's free agent tryout camp and to catblackgold for posting the photos.

It was good to see that all four Ticat quarterbacks are in town prior to the start of the regular camp. By the way, did any kickers try out yesterday or will they have their tryouts on a separate day?