Try the old logo....

Try the old logo for ONE game and see what happens. Ever since those new stupid logos were used you can see what's happened. Can't hurt, go back to the old logo for the next game. I mean we are what?.....5 and 36 in the last 3 seasons. Is that possible? :roll:

I don't believe in superstitions like that, but I could not agree with you more. Two and a half years later and i still HATE the "new" logo.


It couldn't hurt.

you are crazy. It isn't the cat that makes us lose.

Bring back the jerseys with the stripes to the elbows!!

goofyy is 100% right, once you screw with tradition, you blow it completely. Case in point, your beloved Maple Leafs. Ever since they changed the crest and uniform of the leaf, going into the '68 campaign, then the Keon curse. The leafs will not win anothe championship, until the past is corrected. Back to the cats. The leaping tiger was trdition with the organization, now it just a symbol of yesterday.

And what is the differece between last years 0-8, the other years 0-5, see marshall was not the problem.
The box J boys, have cursed the team. ever since they shaved their heads.

opps silly me, ever since they lost their hair.

ahh, what do i know, except if the cats continue to play like this the price of beer will be back to 5.50 just like the good old days.... Beeeeerrrrrr aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

that new logo is awful. it looks like bad japanamation. pretty much all new logos stink and ours is no exception.

its the same logo, except cleaned up...whats the big deal?

i could see if it was totally different ( like last years labour-day logo ), but its pretty much the same.

I agree drummer

no its the same in that its still a tiger, it just not as good. kinda like how stripes and TC are both tigers yet TC looks way better.

the new one, if placed overtop of the old one, is EXACTLY the same, except brighter, less tiger-stripes and a slightly different tiger-head.....


Not inspired by the "new" TiCat logo.
kinda boring to look at, eh?
I said it before too!
Horse phooey to the new corporate image!
Hamilton fans like tradition!
We used to have one of the greatest logo's in pro sports.
Well maybe not as creative as a big "A" on the side of a helmet, but awesome in its own right!
I think Bob got too caught up in the "new TiCat" thing and took some wrong advice from a few individuals who have since left town with a big bag of his cash!
Shouldn't mess with tradition!

Good post Clawed2bitz.

Most fans, including me, love tradition. Not just with logos though. Mosaic Staduim will always be Taylor Field, and Rogers Center will always be Sky-dome.

heck while we're at it try the old leather helmets
for sh*t sakes-they couldn't hurt either,actually they probably could scramble your eggs.

but seriously, i'd like to see gold jerseys, gold pants a la queens golden gaels.c'mon just once.

               CITY LEGEND

Leather helmets! Why stop there?

The old Hamilton Wildcats had a lineman, Reg Bovaird, who played without a helmet.
Of course, that was back in the days whem men were men, not prima donnas.

While I'm here,...I'm glad to see shooter has not lost his dislike (hatred) for the new logo. I'm still with you on that, buddy.