truth on the CFL FORUM

several days ago herb zurkowsky of the montreal gazette was attacked along with larry smith!! as a result of the attack on the zekster and larry I posted a comment that I thought the remarks were cheap shots!! the poster that made those remarks then attacked me as a know nothing!! fine the next day I had a conversation with herb and the posters comments were discussed!! herb gave me an answer to the smart remarks that were directed towards him and larry!! he also gave me permission to use all or part of his answer to the remarks that attacked him and larry!! as a result if you are interested go to the montreal gazette sports page and read the corey mace story and my comments about 1 vaughn martin and 2 herb's reply to a certain poster's rude and abusive comments!! the poster read the comments that I posted under the corey mace story and dared me to post my comments on the CFL forum and then laughingly said oh yeah I forgot your banned from the CFL forum!! as usual I have no idea what he's referring to but here is the information I was dared to post!! have strength and courage and read the gazette football web site story about corey mace and my comments!! then tell me who's telling the truth and who's lying!!!