Truth and Reality

I have read many a topic and all it seems to be is people complaining about everything under the sun about what is wrong with this team. Yes it is your right and that for somepart is what this forum is for "to vent". I for one am very frustrated myself however there is nothing that I can say nor do about it. Whatever I do or say doesn't really matter anyway because nobody in the organization is going to listen to an arm chair quaterback or at couch potato coach. However this forum allows to voice our opinion.

So here goes

The reality of it is the Ticats are 1 and 5. Only 2 points out of a playoff spot. Hard to believe but true.
The team that is at the top of the West division is .500. True.
6 teams make the playoffs. True
Currently there are 2 teams with a winning record. True
We play one of those teams back to back. True

Which means that in my eyes nothing that has taken place up until now matters. Yes we are 1 and 5 and I like most of you expected better things. Suck it up it didn't happen. But we are still in it.

The reality is that now we HAVE to win the next 2 games. This would bring Peg to 4-4. Which means Cats would be 3-5 going into a home game against the Argos.

At 9-9 teams will make the playoffs. This league is to competitive this year. Any one can win on any given day. I personally don't think that Montreal is a 5-0 team. However (and dare I say this) I will be rooting for them for the rest of the regular season. Every Montreal win keeps the other teams closer.

All we need to do is beat the Argos and the Bombers. We have 6 games remaining against them. 4 of which are at home. A tall order but it is now desperation time.

So we are very much still alive but these next three games are the season.
I believe in this football club and that is the real truth.

See yah Friday and Good Luck :thup:

Agreed...that is truth and reality! We will need to win 8 more games! If the Ticats can slide into a play-off berth anything can happen!

And it is better if the team "Peaks" at the end of the year! We can only hope!

I think it is a longshot for the ticats to take these two games against us.

the challenge is set. The hard part will be putting up TD's against Peg defense. Especially since that has been our problem so far this year.

The bombers are my pick for Grey Cup Champs. Write that down and quote me on it or something.

That said, we'll beat them. Twice.

I’ll hold you to that. :stuck_out_tongue:

who has winnepeg won against that was even minutely challenging? The Esks? They're the worst I've seen them in years.