Truth about LULAY and CFL MARKETING--


Matt DUNIGAN " LULAY is so aggressive"

FANS we are not idiots-- LULAY has been overhyped and sold to us as a LEGIT CFL STAR-- They are calling him JUNIOR DICKENSON-

Lets be realistic here, LULAY is not an accurate QB-- He is not accurate, go watch all of his games- he misses easy short passes, is terrible on long accuracy- He cannot throw intermediate 15 yard routes which are necessary in the CFL--

BRAINS-- LULAY is not smart, I have never watched one of his throws and said WOW that was CLEVER or that was a SMART PLAY--

What you are being sold is the LULAY CHARACTER PACKAGE- We are being sold the good LEADER image, the character the effort of LULAY--

He may be a good leader but he is not VERY GOOD as a QB--

His arm strength is just not good enough for PRO FOOTBALL--

BRING BACK JARIOUS- HE is the only option to work with CHAPS crappy offense--

LULAY is a backup and thats it--

Do the BC lions have a BALL MACHINE-- DO the receivers catch passes in practice?

Should the LIONS actually check if receivers can catch the football before signing fast tall lanky guys who are clearly UNCOORDINATED--

This is really sad as we are going to see years of this garbage if we dont clean house and sacrifice a few seasons--

LULAY is American- He does not understand our game--

Its simple, he is a turnover machine and basically can only drive us for FGOALS--

This was a horrible misevaluation of talent thinking that LULAY could be a starter in the CFL--

He has very little to offer as a QB--

SInce Wally has taken over the complete operations of the team- every single player he has brought in has been an utter disappointment and not CFL calibre--

How many other starting QBs throw INTERCEPTIONS to the CORNER deep in opposition territory-- He did it last year vs ARGOS on the road and now again vs EDMONTON--

LULAY is a turnover MACHINE--

We need to bench him now and cut our losses but I Have seen this story before- His good character will buy him at least 2 seasons here in Bc as our starter--

I am telling you guys LULAY is a loser as a QB- He has all the losing attributes and his play proves it--

When are we going to bring is some MUSCLE? GEROY along with the other guys are not in TOP PHYSICAL SHAPE to compete vs the YOUNG strong players in the CFL--

All the broken tackles are not flukes, Wally calls out Marsh and other players in typical Wally fashion but he doesent realize these are his players that he has brought in to the team--
Everyone knew that MARSH was washed up and basically is good for nothing- Everyone knows that Phillips, Sanchez are not good anymore--

Im sorry David Hyland you cannot play halfback and cannot cover the CFL;s best receiver FRED STAMPS--

I never thought the day would come where the WHITECAPS are more LEGIT as an organization than the LIONS--

We need a serious CLEANING HOUSE ASAP--

HIre a personal trainer, bulk these wimps up, they dont tackle during practice.

I saw CGY players come out of their dressing room at BC empire field, every single player was BIG and strong--

I didnt renew my season tickets this year and the lady called me and said to me " do you realize that LULAY is coming back as starter" Lol like that was going to make me renew my tickets lol---

I think if we had enough intelligent fans they would BOYCOTT a HOME game and FORCE BRALEY to fire WALLY---

Yeah, if only we had more intelligent fans like you, then we would be unstoppable. You know, since it's a team game, we should release everybody. Like you said, clean house, start from scratch. No more losers, we just hire winners. We get ourselves only hall of fame players to play for us who make every play. We get the best QBs, running backs and receivers from wherever it is those guys come from.

Actually, since humans make errors, we should just hire robots. Literal touchdown machines. Think about it. Machine-like precision to make every play, 100% completion rates. If the robots drop even one pass, then me and you will block every fan from entering the stadium to force a boycott and force Braley to fire robocoach.

It's the perfect plan.

I like your idea Gornaldatron , let’s make sure some of these robots we get are made in Canada , you know , to comply with the league’s import - non - import ratio.

Wow, I've never come across such a dedicated troll artist.

Yup, it is all a conspiracy by TSN, the game hosts (guys like Dunnigan et al that obviously have no real knowledge of the CFL and just spout pre-determined analysis) and the play-by-play teams that are also paid-off by to boost Lulay.

I love satire.

TSN needs to hire Gridiron Guru because this guy is a football genius. He knows more than Dunigan, Stegall, Schultzy and Climie will ever know. And he's a personal friend of Casey Printers too. Troll.

Not a troll, just a typical Vancouver sports fan.

We all know full well that if Dunnigan over at TSN reads this and goes on TV this week and says "damn that Lulay sucks! He's not a real QB!" this clown will be in here posting about how TSN has an Anti-Lions bias.

lulay doesnt suck, he is just a work in progress. needs some polishing. we could do a lot worse. we could still be stuck with printers.