Trust Obie????

The Zeke trade has got to be the most ridiculous move the Ticats have done in this five-year downward spiral. It's not the original trade Moreno for Canada, it's the final result that we ended up with that is disgusting. Many here are saying that they don't like it but that they TRUST OB.
I just want to remind everyone that the same thing was said about some of Taaffe's and Desjardin's early comedy of errors. We gave these guys the benefit of the doubt and got burned big time.
But never as badly as this.

Aren't there like 100 Obie and Moreno threads out there?

How do you know this is a BAD trade?
What if we get a beast of an Offensive lineman at next years' Draft, and find someone of equal talent in MLB from the NFL recruits?
You don't know what Obie has up his sleave, so don't speculate on conjecture.
I am staying the course....

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LIVE WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You don't know what Obie has up his sleave, so don't speculate
8) I'm not sure even Obie knows what he has up his sleeve at this point !!!! :roll:

I'm shocked that alot of fans still say "trust Obie" or that "Obie has something up his sleeve"

The guy is almost 70.

His record with the Cats so far is well..... not so great.

You don't rebuild for the future by hiring a GM whos best days were.... lets be nice here...a while ago.

Plain and simple, the Obie got fleeced. He painted himself into a corner by committing himself to getting rid of Zeke at any cost.

Maybe after all these years, Obies wizard sleeve is empty.


The above post makes absolutely no sense at all.

Obie came off a 14 win season in BC in 2007.

People are just posting negative things for its own sake now …whatever pops into their heads.

A childish, ignorant mob mentality.

People need to get over themselves.

It’s embarrassing.

OB did this on purpose to create all this insane uproar !! WOW it's worked perfectly. Marketing 101, any advertising is good advertising .. keep it up folks the master plan is working !!!! Really though I like having 2 very early first round picks, see I ve been a fan for years 36 as season a ticket holder and will be again next year, I do trust OB and refuse to listen to all the crap about being 69 years old, I will give him more then 10 games to right this ship.

What a Joke…

Cats are complete garbage… and will be for a long time to come…

Thanks Obie…Thanks Bob…Thanks next guy next year…thanks next guy the year after that…

Gimme a break…

Obie came off a 14 win season in BC in 2007.
8) Let's be honest here now, Obie was not the GM in BC last year. He was their Director of Player Personel !!
 There is a big difference.

 Speaking of that, where the heck is our so called Dir. of PP, Dan Rambo lately ??

 I haven't even heard his name mentioned this season !!  Is he still with us ??      <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

 By the way, I will reserve my judgment on Obie until the end of the season, when we see what transpires then !!

I didn't know Obilovich has been a succesful GM from 1993 to 2007 Wow!

Not cause your a good coach or scout that you make a good GM. WALLY BUONO was and is the GM in BC. The Jim Jones Kool-Aid drinkers keep spinning while those critical keep pointing out FACTS, STATS, NUMBERS and QUOTES.


Obie recognizes that Hamilton does not have enough quality young good Canadians on the team. He knows that the import rule has come into play in serveral games so far this year. His objective is to improve the Canadian content on the team. Import middle LB’s are a dime a dozen. Mareno can be replaced. Sure he made lots of tackles but mainly because the defense never shut the other team down. # of tackles is a poor indicator or a guys defensive prowess.

Last season receiver's were a dime a dozen, this year middle linebackers are a dime a dozen, next year Running backs will be a dime a dozen.

When he took the job. Canadian content was one of the best in the league, deep but young, now Canadian content is lacking but we acquire draft picks.

People who FAIL always have a reason why they FAILED

If "GOOD" import players are a dime a dozen, tell

OBIE to show us some RIGHT AWAY! or he is full

of S--T!

I'm not necessarily saying I have no faith in Obie. I think I still do. But after this debacle, I'm saying it's a reserved faith at best. What i don't understand is why Obie didn't tell the Bombers they screwed up big time and the Cats wanted whoever they damn well feel like taking from the Bombers to complete this trade plus our friend in Buffalo. Afterall, it looks like the Bombers were the ones shopping Canada and desperate for a middle line backer. We could have been in the driver's seat instead of a passenger in the back seat asking ARE WE THERE YET. Yea we are there, at the bottom of the pack.

I guess everyone is entitled to an opinion but then how do you justify this is a bad trade without any proof either?

Obvously, it doesn't look good on paper but many trades don't and then they work out.

Well if Moreno is instrumental in getting in the playoff and Hamilton tanks the rest of the season. The reaction from the "remaining" fan base will be catastrophic for Ticat management and ownership.

This ain't over...

Im sorry that my post made no sense to you.

I agree that its sad, but lets face it, in BC, Obie was part of a stable management team, including Wally as GM, scouts and god knows who else.

I don't think that we will ever really know how much or how little Obie actually contributed to BC's sucess in the past 5 years. I have a feeling that if he was that responsable, Wally wouldn't have let him go. That being said, even if he was entirely responsable for the BC success, since he has been in Hamilton he has failed to address the pressing issues that
he inherited from previous management.

Failure 1. Every team in the CFL seems to have no problems finding import receivers, geez the Als have two guys on the "IR" list that could easily be #1 or 2 on the Cats. The Ar...s have their 4th string QB who is within 100 yds of any Cat receiver. Look at the Riders, no matter who they put in the job gets done. The cat receiving corps is no better now than it was in 07. Miles is a dissapointment, Prechea has a good nickname and some potential. Woodcock was done once he left Montreal. Fortunately Bauman has been progressing.

Failure 2. You will never know how good or how bad Casey is until you give him time to throw. In BC, Printers threw on the roll out because he used that time to give his receivers time to get ope. Here he runs to avoid getting steamrollered. Has Obie done anything to improve the O line?

Failure 3. D line has been horrible, good QBs have been picking apart the young secondary. Every is quick to blame the secondary, but if they have to cover their men for a second or two more than they should, who's fault is it? Has Obie done anything to improve the line?

Failure 4. In 2007, the Cats probably had 2/3 of the best LB corp in the league.
2008, post obie...well not so.

Most importantly, the Cats just aren't any better with Obie than they were before. 2 wins against the Ar...s, thats it.

as the guy who is responsable for putting the right players in the right positions, he has failed miserably.

As far as his age, if you were rebuilding the Cats, would you hire someone for the short term or the long haul?

At 75 will Obie still be able to pull a rabbit out of his sleeve? Two two top GMs in the league (Popp, Tillman) are young men with young ideas...

Bearing in mind Obies failures, dont u feel the Cats deserve the same?

Yeah..this trade looks just as good as the Maas trade and we all know how well THAT worked out. In fact..THAT trade looked better on paper then this one did.