Truluck released!

According to Herb Z, Truluck has been released!

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This is a surprise to me. So, who will replace him? Maybe Kashama will be the starter. This would of course allow Popp to add an american on the offensive line.

I don't think we need to release Truluck to dress an American OLineman. We already dress 2 extra american DB's.

This is a shock. Could this mean that Tim Cheatwood is finally ready to return from injury?


With Mackey back on the roster and Jauron Dailey signed as another rush end, there are all kinds of possibilities.

And don't forget Bowman. He was a real player down the stretch last season.

We have next to no pass rush this year; Truluck had exactly zero sacks so his release comes as no big surprise. We need changes to the D-line to get a pass rush; Anwar Stewart better pick things up or he'll be the next to go.