Truluck injured?

When did that happen? In your opinion, is he really injured or is he hidden on the injury list so that coaches can see Achonolu for a whole game?

I think this is a legit injury. It's apparently a broken thumb that requires surgery and will keep him out of the lineup for 4-6 weeks, according to today's Gazette. I wouldn't be too worried, though. If the situation were really dire, they'd have given Joe Montford a call.

They gonna give him a gold thumb

Montford in an Als uniform..........not a bad idea, seems to me he's still got a few gallons in the tank, and if we go back to the pressure defence, I think he'd fit in rather well. Not sure about the financial commitment we'd have to make, but since he's been sitting around with no offers, you'd have to think his price must be coming down......

Man, we have enough good d-linemen already:

  • Achonolu
  • Truluck
  • Ellis
  • Philion
  • Haywood
  • Romero
  • Stewart

Third, I see your point, but:

  1. Nose tackle and rush end are two different positions. Not necessarily a seamless transition for a player.

  2. Of the guys you listed, Ellis, Truluck and Haywood are currently injured.

I think we're fine on the D-line, but depth might be a slight issue for the first few games until our wounded return.

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Truluck is injured all right, I do believe its called hypochondria.....

Nah. I met him Friday night after the game (thanks to Xgamer) and he was wearing a cast. He broke his thumb in the preseason B game and stayed in the game the whole time, which made his injury worsen.

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