True Ticat Fans- The Gold Standard

Occasionally on the forum, posters will debate who is and who is not a "true Ticat fan". Of the varying degrees of support for the Ticat team, Gerry Moffatt, Barb Townsend and her son Steve Townsend clearly set the gold standard as "true Ticat fans". There is a full page article on their story, titled "A taste of home", in today's edition of The Hamilton Spectator. Here is a video from the documenting the efforts and caring shown by these three extraordinary fans:

Just finished reading the article.

THEY are the true "super fans".

That was a great piece and should be an inspiration to many more similar acts of kindness from the Tiger Cat faithful.

:thup: :thup:

A true, real, good news story.

I hope the Ticats see this as more representative of the way most fans feel about them, rather than the negative comments and innuendos on this site.

Sometimes I have friends coming up to me and saying " I wonder what they think we are?" I always say "We are here supporting what we beleive in and MAYBE one day we will be rewarded" We can only be there and hope they" The Ticats" build a better legacy for themself from now on!