True the TC's have turned down offer of hosting 2010 GC?

Rumours abound this is the case but anyone know if this is actually true or not?

Well you sure can't host it at IWS and except to make a dime.

Ticats don't have to buy the rights to the game. If the CFL is ready to take less revenues by hosting it in a smaller venue that would be a great thing for the city of Hamilton. Would be really too bad if they turned it down.

Can't see any logical reason why they would turn it down, doesn't mean they didn't though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Caretaker bob has always said that

as long a this city doesn't have a new stadium
he is not interested in hosting a Grey Cup here.

He did muse about co-hosting a Grey Cup
at the Roger's Centre in Toronto,

but I don't know how serious he was.

Why hold the GC in a park that has magic marker numbers on the seats? Why hold a GC in a city that is virtualy crumbling because the politcians and the city fathers have continualy failed. Take a good look at the Lister Block- Royal Conaught - and all the dollar stores that litter KIng St. This city will never host a GC until the downtown core is re-built and a new stadium is erected. Sad but true .............

Ok lets say the average ticket price for the GC in Toronto was $250 (although we all know it was much more than that). To match that revenue the Ticats average ticket price would have to be $472.

56, 000 x $250 = $14, 000 000
29, 600 x $472 = $13, 971 200

And thats not getting into the logistical nightmare of were people can stay in Hamilton.

The capacity for the 2007 Grey Cup was 52, 230.

Also I am pretty sure we would add about 5-10,000 temporary seats so you can lower that price even more.

Ivor Wynne would HAVE to add extra seats for a Grey Cup. Just like in 96..

The CFL rule is that if you want to host the cup your stadium must be able to sit a minimum of 40,000 people.

That might be something to look into. The Argos reportedly made 5,000,000 on the 07 GC. If Hamilton was the main host for the weeks festivities and then hold the game in the RC it might work. Bob is a shrewd investor IMO.

It is probably difficult for Bob to make money buying the rights to the GC but that should not prevent the league from playing there occasionaly. once every 14 years in an 8 team league...The CFL should finance and organise it if Bob isn't interested in buying the rights to the game. It is important that all 8 markets be treated fairly by the league.

Having said that the league has changed a lot in 14 years, especialy revenue opportunities from the GC.

I think it would be great to host the Grey Cup but if it isn't feasible, it isn't feasible. Just the way it is. I'm sure Buffalo would like to host the Super Bowl but that isn't going to happen, at least in the stadium they currently have.

Hi Earl:

From what source did you hear or read the rumour that the Ticats received an offer from the CFL to host the 2010 Grey Cup event and that they turned it down? Thanks in advance for your reply.

And increase your expenses that much more. I am sure the cost to bring in temporary seating isn't cheap.

Not only a new stadium but we have to get a team first. We have to get a team that can make the playoffs before this starts to make seance. :wink:

TCDT, as I say, rumour as in:


First of all where in the stadium is 10, 000 extra seat going to go? When the GC was here there was no big screen in the endzone. I believe is costs anywhere from $70 - $90 per seat for temporary seating. So if you only charge $160 for them your revenue ais pretty much cut in half

This entire thread isn't worth a read since it is based on rumour. Hamilton's chances of getting another Grey Cup game at IWS is about as good as this city hosting the Super Bowl.

These games, IMO, should always be played in a very large, domed stadia to attract large volumes of high paying fans who deserve to be, at least, comfortable in view of the price they paid for tickets.

Again, IMO, the Grey Cup should ALWAYS be played in domed stadia and Hamilton should no longer be a consideration to host the big show. I'm likely in a minority in expressing these thoughts and will hear arguments about football being a man's game and macho fans don't mind sitting in inclement weather in November. Well, I'm not getting any younger and I don't like inclement weather, especially when I'm paying $250.00 to $500.00 a pop for tickets.

Its not like I haven't played the game either, because I spent a lot of my youth on the gridiron. I didn't mind it as much then as I do now.

Lets get our new stadium built and then let the CFL masterminds figure out where to play the Grey Cup.


I wouldn't go so far as to limit the GC to just domed stadiums, though we do need to limit it to anywhere but Cowtown. :lol:

That said, if you'd come out to open-air Commonwealth for our next GC, i'll bring an extra seat cushion and blanket for ya.