True Fans Are There Thru The Good and The Bad

I am a fan that no matter what I will be there and alot of you out there are not giving the guys credit where credit is due. They are working there butts off to become a better team and if you can't see that than what games are you watching. Last night might of been another loss but did you see the improvements with Maas and the receivers if not you are blind. I would like nothing better than to brag about another win but I am glad that we are getting there and we still have time so again be patient it is coming.

As for boycotting I don't think so I along with 2 of my daughters will be at the Aug 3rd game whereing all black and cheering on my team. I am a Hamiltonian and so are the Ticats and they have my confidence that a win will come, but stop brow beating the guys and saying who should we cut I mean if we keep cutting guys than we will never get better leave well enough alone and let them become a team.

I say although not a win congratulations guys on a true effort and lets get the win at home on Aug 3rd.

Go Cats Go
Hammer Time

And therein lies the biggest difference from the pre-Taaffe days.

These guys are playing hard.

Who doens't like watching Moreno and Armour flying around like missiles.

How about Lumsden carrying defenders on his back as he gains yards.

Yes, it's been disapointing, but these guys are easy to cheer for given the effort.

Who wasn't cheering for Bauman last night as he fought to get open and made catch after catch? How can you not cheer for the likes of Bauman, a rookie Canadian and all on a young and up and coming team?

Re Moreno...

Did you notice how, while lining up for play to start, he berated, and had words with, the Bomber bench on the last play, field goal attempt?

He was not happy with running up the score and I'm sure he will be even more pumped up come next Friday.

Can't wait...


that was a gutsy call way to rub it in peg,

Great comments Candy!

Through thick and thin I will be there as well.

Not actually at Ivor Wynne as I live in Edmonton, but I will be at Commonwealth on Aug. 11th. I'm also trying to get to Winnipeg on Sept 29th and Regina on Oct 21st. (Both Winnipeg and Regina depend on my boss)

No, I didn't notice that, but I sure wish i did!

This is exactly the kind of characteristic that I love about this team. This is great!

Bring 'em on Friday night! All the more reason to go and cheer on the likes of Moreno so that he can kick their assses.

Zeke and destroy baby!

This notion of being a "true fan" is a little conceited, don't you think? Not eberyone has the time to devote themselves to a football team; The people that the team has to appeal in order to survive in this city are those with the money to buy the good seats, people who could readily find other things to invest their time and money in. The team can't survive in this city with the support of "true fans" alone, not with the way things are going in this city.

I suggested a boycott for one game only, but yes, I did state that I may not watch the rest of the games for the rest of the season. I feel this way because it genuinely hurts to watch the way the team continues to struggle year after year. It's unfortunate that it has to go this way because there are great players on the team who will no doubt want out as soon as possible, and the team is perpetually going to be rebuiling and imploring for the fans to "be patient." What is a boycott for one game going to do other than SEND A CLEAR MESSAGE FROM THE FANS that enough is enough?

Going around disrespecting people for not being "true fans" isn't going to make them any more willing to support the team.

I fully support the 'Cats, even if they go 0 - 18 this year.

I don't have to like it, though

I support the TiCats during good times and bad, sickness and health, richer or poorer...

Good grief. We're married. I suppose being Canada it's legal now.

Ockham, you're allowed to marry one person, not a team of around 100....

And I'm not going to be doing your cleaning, either :twisted: