yea I know it ,doesn't it go something like....she belong's to you, and your heart aches for

Tommy hunter or that guy from the Police..

Tommy Hunters damn close LOL… funny thing… everyone thought it was a love song…its actually a true story about a person who stalked him (Sting)

I can see it now…Tommy Hunter sings his Greatest Hit!!!

…"ROXANNE!! dont have to turn off that barn light…those milking days are over… the cream can wait another night… ROXANNE!!! you dont have to wear that polka dot dress tonight…the square dance is over…you dont care if its wrong or if its right… :lol:


Someone actually stalked Sting? Geez, you'd think they'd stalk someone interesting. Yikes!!

Riders Rule!!!!

Lol I agree with you..I saw him with Annie Lennox ..she blew him away on stage ...err i mean...concert wise

Yikes again!!!!! roflmao!!!! Right on, Dentor!

Riders will Rock!!

Stalking you.You wish.
I'm trying to get rid of you.
You say you put your one inch sword down.
Good for you.Isn't that nice.
Brings a tear to my eye.
I also read the story.It was a very sad one.I hate bad things that happen to kids.
Doesn't mean I'm going to change my attitude around here.

Argofan4life theres an example of what I have dealt with in the past, only this time you are right ...I wont dignify that with a response as TWO wrongs does not make a right.... :slight_smile:

I call it defeat.
Can't handle getting bashed by a woman.!!!

Multiple Dentors? Why am I having bad flashbacks to that lame clown gimmick they had in the WWF/E back in the 90's?

More like the clown midgets of wwe.
What was their names again?Oh yeah,DINK.

Saskie: Don’t you mean the mental midget clowns that make our laws in parliament?

Rider Rock!!!

Nah, af4life. The mental midget clowns in Ottawa you speak of is Canada's answer to the Insane Clown Posse.

Nope, I meant rider fans.
OOOpps Sorry. 3 more days.
Go Riders Go!!!!

I'm soooooooooooo confused!!!! HELP!!!!!

Riders 4 Ever!!!

With multiple Dentors around, its no wonder some peeps get easily confused. Reminds me of a NBA program vendor:

"Get your programs! Nothing but a bunch of Dentors running around unless you got a program!"

It reminds me of a farm.Nothing but chickens. Chicken1,chicken2.
Go Riders Go!!!!

Is it true that most NBA player photos in those programs you mentioned are taken by State Correctional Facilities? :roll:

I wouldn't know since I haven't been to a Raptor game since they moved out of the Dome. But if the AntiChrist gets his wish, you'll be seeing programs full of felons being sold there. :roll: