Ok just a clarification post....not that anyone really gives a FLying Truck, but just so as to avoid confusion.... Dentor & Dentor2 are the same person.....I stated on an early post why I did it..not gonna rehash it...We all had our chuckles tonight about it.....

Just in case the Person copying me missed it on another Post...Consider this fair warning to stop or I will report you for harrassment.

Now we return to this evenings regular programming

Thankyou and have a nice Day :smiley:

All True Dentors Stand up...
Not You you're Dentor 6....
Who is actually Dentor...
Sorry Dentor.. I actually think your cool..

No Hank I was a Miserable SOB… the story about the Kid really opened my eyes…I came here to unwind from the stresses of my business…but instead just got more wound up… I took things too seriously instead of just talking about football and having a bit of fun… which is my passion


It's all in fun.
if it wasn't...I would leave..
I like this forum ..because I get to talk to
All my Canadian brother's

2 Dentors....better not let saskargo hear about that one.

Is it like bizarro superman when the second dentor does everything opposite of what you do....

As Alice Cooper once sang:
“I’m a clone, I know it and I’m fine
I’m 1 and more are on the way”


How is that harrassement? You don’t hold the trademark on the moniker ‘Dentor’. I’ll call myself RiderFan and I don’t want anyone else using the word Rider in their nick. You’re thick.

Dentor, you are being framed by the user usually called EE.

EE, deliberately trying to impersonate someone else IS a form of harassment. As a moderator, I'll ask you to put an end to it right away, or CFLpm will have to be involved... on both of your nicks.


Why doesnt that surprise me?????

He's LUCKY he doesnt get banned.

Of all posters to clone.
You think EE would have picked someone else.

I am not a number......I am a free man.....

..mods to the rescue......

No which one is the smartest poster? Dentor or Dentor2?

Just kick all the detors of this huddle.

Thanx T&T... I kinda knew after the word "moniiker" was used.. that narrowed it down quickly LOL... and that saves me from having to write a BooHoo Story to the CFLpm :slight_smile:

Yeah now you can write a post to put everyone to sleep.

I seem to be very popular these days LOL...First someone who copies me ...and now a Stalker...

With every step you take
Every move you make
Every vow you break
Every smile you fake, every claim you stake
I'll be watching you
Every move you make, every step you take
I'll be watching you
I'll be watching you


Is dentor tring to serenade saskargo.?? ..I thought Dentor had something for our queen of Rider bash saskargo

Know the song hank?

I mean do you know who originally sung it