Troy Westwood's new look

What does everyone think of Troy's new look ?
With that moustache, does he resemble anyone in particular ? Is a "film" career in troy's future ? The name is perfect - Troy West"wood".

What do you think ?

He's the last person who should have made a comment about "banjo-picking" Saskatchewan residents. :smiley:

I think if a film career awaits, he will drop the 's' in his last name. There's a joke about splitting uprights for the taking there too but I won't expand on it any further. :wink:

Troy is regressing. That whole mullet look was so 80s. With the 'stache he's preparing himself for a 70s revival. He's aiming for a Burt Reynolds look, but unfortunately, it's turning out more like David Crosby.

Can anyone post a photo or link to one.

I need a laugh.


Troy is a musician as well as a good kicker.

He's put out a CD recently .

i think the 'stache makes him look like robert goulet's only slightly younger brother.

I like his crossbar, it's down around his chin. No one can deny that he wants to be a kicker only and really look like a kicker, I suppose, with that single bar where it is. He's a character for sure.

Don't know how recent but...

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Toy looks different that that now, MFD.

He has cultivated a small black mustache.

A little like the one Adolph Hitler wore...only a little wider.

I was at Hooters watching the Argo- Blue Bomber game Saturday,when Troy 'pranced' on the field to kick a FG. When they showed a close-up I just about fell off my stool laughing! What a 'tool'. His screen name should be 'Troy Wood'. Cue cheesy 70's music.

Box E Row 4 Seat 1

you were out at Hooters and watched the football game? Not the waitresses? lol

Just watch "Off the Record" on TSN. I'm sure he'll be on there soon