Troy Westwood

...if this is Troys swan-song??? congratulations on a well played game.... and we need that type of play next week in the Cup ..Westwood kicked the hell out of the pigskin today :thup: :rockin: with all of the adversity this year in the kicking game it's sure nice to go out this more least for 07... :thup: :wink:

Troy is certainly absolving himself a bit after a miserable regular season he had, and the special teams overall have vastly improved in the two playoff games. Stokes still has his fumblitus problems of before at times which is why the Bombers actually cut him a long ways back, but he really broke the game open today with that TD return. He was close to busting a few others as wellb. I'm still leary of Troy hitting a field goal over 40 yards, but hopefully the game does not come down to that next weekend. To be honest though, the Bombers need to look for kickers to challenge Troy next season for certain, if he does not retire outright. Maybe he'll join Uncle Milty going out on a high note!

Notice how Troy is doing well now that the coach is positively reinforcing him. When a coach shows confidence the players play, dont get down on him when he misses. And special teams is an attitude as we all saw today. We wanted to win on all sides of the ball and players did not take the special teams as a play off.


Westwood has always excelled when it comes to playoffs and i am just as excited for him to win the grey cup as Milt who deffenitly deserves this one keep up the great work Troy see you at the airport Monday morning with the cup

Good Luck Troy, Show them why you have been in the league as long as you have.

Boy, what a year for this guy! He could write a book on his ups & downs. For years to come he will be remembered for his comment about the Saskatchewan people and his Banjo game.

Best of luck on Sunday.