Troy Westwood..Thumbs up or Thumbs down??

Longhair is at 61% this year, Tamon thinks he's in a bit of a rut, Ryan must really suck in practice at kicking field goals, cause any coach in there right mind,would have him booting all field goals....thumbs down for Longhair..Will never forget that Grey cup..

Heres a thought....Since sometimes a change of scenery is good for players....How about a one for one swap for another slumping kicker? Paul McCallum.

I like that idea.....I think Westwood had to go. Been in it for 15 years...time for a career change...maybe he can get his boxing or music career aff the ground....(pff!!)

Sorry about the spelling errors...been a long day.

No more westwood. I can't stand him thinking he deserves to wear the blue and gold. He's pathetic out there. Those guys are out there bleeding most of the game. And he's on the field like 5 times a game and he cant do his job. Maybe if longhair would cut that mop off he'd be able to see the uprights that he has to kick that pigskin through.

Lets do the rough rider thing and throw shit at his house.

McCallum...I disagree. Must have been a different game you were watching on Saturday...Paul was 1-3. Westwood already has that ability. But just in case it happens I'm going out to my parents farm and loading up the manure spreader.

said it before and i'll say it again - Westwood's gotta go - thumbs down for Westwood!

According to Daley we have to give Troy a little more time to get his act together...or in todays terms his 'funk' back.....seeing as we more than likely won't be in the playoffs...I guess it dosen't matter if he hangs around....but in these last 6 games..if he dosen't show signs of recovery ...then pull the plug will be time for Westwood to move on....we don't need deadwood to start the 06 season.... :!:

westwood couldn't kick the ground if he was laying on his stomach

From the penthouse to the outhouse in one season. He had the best field goal percentage in the league last season and is one of the worst this season. What can you say about the guy......over his career I can remember more games lost by his toe then won, he is a chocker, plain and simple...

Can anyone say "Trevor Kennard Syndrome"?

Thats exactly what I meant...BOTH kickers are struggling. Maybe BOTH kickers would benefit from a change of scenery.

I still say they should work with Ryan to handle both duties. He’s got the leg…just getting the mechanics down.

Ryan will be in the NFL very soon. Maybe there is a CIS kicker that could be drafted for next year?

westwood still is at 100% from within 40 yards this year is he not. i agree his near 0% from outside 40 is a disaster but there are other kickers missing from within 40. if our offense could get to the 35 yd line once in a while it would help his numbers for sure. i know everyone hates his style/attitude whatever he calls it but to give up on him without a decent replacement would be very foolish. although i am sure daley knows some kicker that could make a field goal. "he just needs experience. the first 50 missed attempts are to be expected of any kicker in such a position." even thinking about listening to daley give another speech like this makes me ill.

and by the way. if we could sign ryan to a multiyear deal with him doing all the kicking i would say let troyboy go.

Thumbs Up!

well, at least one thumb up!

He is TOPS!

please Kanga-Kucha - don't tell me u really gave Westwood the "thumbs up"!!!! :shock:

the guy sucks this year, i don't care what he's done in the past. i think he's finished, at least in the 'peg. cut him and spend the money to keep Ryan here and teach him how to place kick in the off-season! with his leg, a little coaching and practice, he definitely can't be worse than "banjo boy"! then, maybe we'll actually have a chance to score 3 on anything further than 30 yards or so!