Troy Westwood released?

i dont see troy on the bombers roster. was he relased or did he retire and there was no official announcement or whats up

i dont care really but just wondering.

Haven't heard anything officially yet...but realistically, can't see Troy on the roster at the start of the season...

...I believe LaPo said he was not in the Bombers plans for can check on it???but i don't think we'llsee Troy in bluengold again....except maybe in the hall of blame... :roll:

Westwood was sighted in Yorkton, SK on Saturday, May 8th. Suprized he made it out alive!!

i believe he was released last week or the week before... somewhere there is an interview with his thoughts on the whole thing.. he thought hed at least be given a chance in camp..cant blame the guy for still wanting to play, his leg was pretty good last year despite sitting for nearly 2 seasons.. but i think its time to hang em up troy

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