Troy Westwood Joke I Found Funny

I was having a good CFL talk with my cousin the other day, and he said, "Tyler, remember how in the Grey Cup in 2001, how Troy Westwood missed like 4 field goals and the Bombers only lost by 8 or 9?" And I said, "Hmmm.. yes I remember." He said I have a joke.. "So It was rumoured after the Grey Cup that Troy Westwood wanted to commit suicide." I nodded my head, and then he said, "But he couldn't, because he couldn't kick the chair out from underneath from him!"

I know it's a nasty joke, but I laughed so hard. By the way, we're both from Winnipeg, just I'm the Eskimo fan and he's a neutral.

That wasn't even funny

That....Well that's just trerrible!

Not even a joke. That is just tasteless.

You have some cool friends buddy. Why don't you come to a Winnipeg game. Maybe on the 10th agaisnt the Riders? I know alot of Bomber fans will be there... especially me. Not cool.

Easy Guys LOL. Your gonna scare this guy from ever posting again. He was just sharing the joke with us. It may not be that funny and it may be tasteless as many of you have already said. But he found it funny and he wanted to share it with us. Dont start bashing him just because of one joke. I also notice how most of you (if not all of you) that replied to that are Bomber fans. So of course you wouldnt find it funny. But give the guy a bit of a break I mean I know the joke isnt necissarily "right" in terms of wut its about. Being suicide and death. I didnt find it that funny either. But once again dont make it so the guy never posts anything again.

Thats a great joke, Being a HUGE RIDER FAN. And anyone that thinks other wise grow up because it is just a joke. All the people in Saskatchewan didn't put Troy up to hang when he called us a bunch of bango picking hicks, we made the best of it and came up with the Bango Bowl.

then think before you post....I'm sure he meant it to be in a lighter sense...but some people find this kind of humor crappy and take offence...

I agree with ticats fan 86. This poster didn't mean any harm. He's just sharing a joke he heard.

besides, westwood couldn't kick the ground if he was laying on his stomach.

I for one thought that was fricken hilarious. :lol:

indeeed. in fact, a few months after the grey cup my family went go karting. the bombers were there, including westwood. i was making fun of him, but my m,om yelled at me because she thought he was a hobo. :smiley: . true story.

I've been to many Bomber games. Just about every time Edmonton plays. See you there. Lol, It's a joke. I found it pretty funny, and he even found it funny being mostly a bomber fan. Troy Westwood was the guy who called Rider fans "banjo pickin hicks".. so I was just giving them some ammo, if you could say.

i thought it was funny, maybe a bit distasteful, but so are alot of jokes....

Yeah, but some people take offence to every joke. So by this theory no one should ever tell a joke. You can please some of the people some of the time.

"But not all the people all the time" :wink:


Hee…hee… :expressionless: :?

(there, I laughed)

agreed, it is brutal... but troy westwood is a dumbass, and therefor it is funny.