Troy Westwood is Johnny Depp

Have you ever noticed how odd Westwood acts.
According to marty york Westwood is actually Johnny Depp the actor whose eccentric behaviour is well known. All he needs is a little eyeshawdow and an earring and Depp it is.

I have heard many girls I know saying they would love to kiss Johnny Depp.

I have NEVER heard anyone say they would like to kiss Westwood. At best, Kanga-Kucha said he looked good with a mustach. But I will not go in that direction...

....some were saying he bore a close resemblance to Clarke Gable...(Gone With the Wind).....and i am glad to see that's where Troys mustache went...but i'm glad his kicking game has returned... :o

..Clark Gable had a mullet?.....

Never thought I’d hear the names “Troy Westwood” and “Johnny Depp” uttered in the same sentence – without that sentence also including words like “arrested” or “stalker” lol :lol: :lol:

Give it time, 3/10. Knowing KK, his private fantasies involving Banjo Boy will become public as soon as he reads this thread. :o :thdn: :roll:

I am not an actor, but I play one on the football field

I can just see the Rider fans pouncing on this one: "Frankly, my dear. I can't kick a damn." :lol:

Whenever I think of Westwood, a movie called THE JERK always comes to mind…

just wait until he retires and you will have to see his mug on all the broadcasts, him and Walby doing the games, wouldnt that just make your

Westwood and Walby on the same broadcast? Maybe it is a good idea TSN isn't gonna auction off some games to CBC next season. If they end up on the air together, everyone's hatred of Toronto would shift to the Peg. :lol: