Troy Westwood coming to riders

I know this MUST be wrong.
I was serfing the football forums and wandered into Winnipegs.
They said that Mr. Tillman is talking to Troy Westwood about coming to SK.

I know we have a kicker (Borehum),hurt now and Congi has done both in the past.

Anyone living in Regina can find out
This would be so wrong,
like Sundin going to the Habs

westwood contacted tilman first of all. said he would fill in. tilman of coarse sai NO.

nice to hear.
i will sleep good tonight
go riders go :smiley:

Me to. For a moment I thought Tillman had lost his mind.

that would be awesome if he came to the Riders, we could then get him cornered and the rider nation can kick his you know what, he would have to live out of the Province and don't dare buy a house in Regina or walk the streets fans would tune his big mouth in quite quick, his career is done and over with, all this talk he's doing is him still wining about being released and nobody has interest in his 68% average

Who is Troy Westwood? :wink:

wow after he bashes the people of Saskatchewan about being hilbillies then calls Tilman asking for a job Way to go Westwood at least we all know how desperate you are to make a buck geeze

I don't know about you all, but something rings of total B.S. in this story. Balsa-wood writes in the Wpg Sun now, and recycles the same old tired joke about missing teeth, over, and over, and over, and over again, and again. He wouldn't dare cross the border here, and our spiky haired God, aka Tillman, would never suggest such a thing.

No way s c r e w that

he s such a loser!!!! and i think the Riders know this!!! glad he is NOT a Rider.:wink: