Troy Westwood article in today's Winnipeg Sun

Troy Westwood article in today's Winnipeg Sun adn Canoe Sports really slamming the people of Saskatchewan.

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Pay no attention to him. He is just trying to drum up interest in his self created "Banjo Bowl". Wich was really only a thing for the first year that he opened his yap.

I find it ironic that the guy calling the entire province of Sask a bunch of hillbillies is the same guy that wears a pony tail in a braid, bear claw necklace and has a big ugly tattoo on his shoulder.

What is funny is that the Bombers revoked his pass to the stadium after badmouthing Berry, and told him to stay away.

just read it and all i'm wondering is, who's the bigger idiot? Westwood thinking he's funny and actually writing something people will want to read or the Publisher who lets westwood write thinking people while actually care what he says.

Maybe we could give Gardner Joe $20 to prune that mullet of his.

No wonder that troy was cut.
was not his kicking it was because he put his foot in his mouth.
as a loyal bomber fan, and a fan of the game i love vary much. please do not think that bomber fans are like this nut we have to live with.
to all rider fans thanks for a great weekend and lets hope you enjoy the banjo bowl here.

It's too poorly written to be offensive. The irony in the article sure stands out, go back to school Troy.

Don't worry beaufighter i know he's not speaking for you....i just wish we wouldnt have to hear about or from that idiot anymore.

He wasn't even that good.....if it was Passaglia or Ridgeway i could put up with his antics for a bit but not from him. Probably my least favourite player of all time

Hey Troy, How’s the Grey Cup ring doin?
a-hole. You’ll also be happy to know I have all my teeth.

well clearly he sucked to much and got fired, and hes about to get fired as a writer, so let him laugh at his own shit, he'll be living in a box and eating micky D's once every 3 days to support himself.

Wow. You know, it's one thing to have a friendly's another to completely disrespect your opposition with insults that even a 5th grade kid would be ashamed of.

I can't believe they'd even publish that garbage.

Have you ever heard him play in his "band". He's a worse musician than he was a player. Let's look in on him 5 years from now getting a free bowl of soup with a haircut and a slightly used winter coat.