Troy Smth "was recruited" by Dan Hawkins !

Was shocked listening to the interview with Troy that its Dan Hawkins through his son Cody that got in contact with Troy Smith and ted the talks of coming to Montreal. If you listen to Jim Popp it was all his doing. Not cool Jim…

Still think he's the best choice to coach this team going forward? :wink:

Well Jim deserves credit for having his name on THE piece of paper called the Neg list... Having heard what I have today. I wonder if he really was on the list the whole time or was he deleted and then placed back on the list after Hawkins spoke to him... But I think omitting is the same as lying...

Interesting National Enquirer type headline. Listening to the interview Smith says Popp called 2 days after Hawkins. Popp could very easily have asked Hawkins to initiate contact seeing that Smith was friends with Cody Hawkins from a football camp.

And also dont see how this would relate to Popps coaching ability, pro or con.

So,what’s the big deal? I don’t care by whom he was recruited/who called him first, he is with the Als and that’s what matters.
He was on the Als neg.list,since his college days at Ohio State,thanks to Jim. Sure,Dan Hawkins may have been an influence; that’s the least he could have done for the Als.


He could have acknowledged how Smith was contacted. Hawkins was vilified yet its obvious that he and Popp were looking for a QB prior to his firing...

On ne me fera pas avaler facilement que c'est Hawkins qui a décidé de prendre l'initiative d'appeler Smith, qui était sur la liste de négo des Alouettes depuis des années. Il avait de la misère à prendre l'initiative de préparer un entraînement.

Que Popp ait appris de Hawkins que son fils et Smith se connaissaient, ça je le croirais. Que Popp a demandé à Hawkins si son fils pouvait parler des Alouettes à Smith, ça je le croirais. Qu'à la suite de de ce contact, que Hawkins ait parlé à Smith, ça je le croirais. Et que Smith et Popp aient par la suite poursuivi leurs discussions, ça je le croirais. Mais que la venue de Smith à Montréal soit l'oeuvre de Hawkins, il va falloir bien des confessions pour m'en convaincre.

Et en bout de piste, je m'en fous pas mal. Hawkins était un mauvais entraîneur. Il se sacrait pas mal du rendement de l'équipe. Ce qui l'intéressait, c'était d'avoir un chèque de paye jusqu'en 2015, point à la ligne. Popp, lui, avait vu une opportunité en Smith il y a longtemps et je suis certain que Hawkins n'aurait jamais songé à le joindre si Popp ne l'avait pas mis sur la liste de négo. Alors, c'est l'oeuf ou la poule.

Was going to post further on this, but LeStaf has pretty much summed up how I feel now.

I agree with you on this one Richard.

If I understand it correctly Popp has about 10 QBs on the neg list at all times. Hawkins as the head coach at the time would be part of his job to look to contact players on the neg list that he thinks would best serve the team as he will be coaching them

Huh no, that's not how it works in Montreal. He would pass that on to Jim and Jim would or his staff would take care of that stuff. Yes they had Smith on their neg list for a long time but the guy who initiated things and lite a fire was Hawkins. I am not saying that makes Hawkins a good coach but it does speak to certain things and in particular to the fact that many players on the Als have not been recruited by Popp.