Troy Smith

Except in a one game semi final against the Cats, if he is on with his passing then an upset is a probability.

The timing will come. Most people here don't remember Calvillo's first four seasons :wink: Provided he's not injured by the end of next season Troy will be a respected and established starter in our league.

PROOF! Either he is a comedian/clown, or knows nothing about football. Troy Smith LOL!

Hoopster1, HFxTC, drummer_god, oh yes the Als " die hards" all seemed to be in love with Troy Smith, he was going to lead the Als to the GC..... :roll: Now they are on the Cato band wagon.

Lol...I'm sure we all have posts/predictions that we'd all like to forget... :lol:

1988 Sean Salisbury - WPG - Rookie QB

Sean Salisbury in 1988 while in his 1rst season in the CFL was technically not a true football rookie. Salisbury did spend time with the Colts in the NFL in "87"albeit he was used sparingly and his stats were only a small sample size but his time in the NFL would've eliminated him as being classified as a CFL rookie with the Bombers in the "88" season. Ealey on the other hand came straight out of college (Toledo) in "72" to lead the Cats to the Grey Cup as a true bona vide rookie quarterback and as far as I know he is the only rookie in CFL history to win it all in his rookie campaign.

Sean Salisbury Career stats :

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bobo , yes I was aware of that.

However, as a technicality , I just do not consider a first year guy who held a clip board in another league to be anything other than a rookie.

OK TW, you are saying the Argos will finish in first ? That is interesting.

I just hit the above link and after 2 fairly good seasons with Blue Bombers, Salisbury was gone & apparently spent the next 2 seasons as a non-playing clip-board holder with Minnesota Vikings. Anyone know what happened there, or was it merely a simple case of Salisbury trying to parlay his Winnipeg success into a return shot at the NFL and NFL money?

Looks like he could have been on track to be a CFL star, but as a broadcaster his ego was always bigger than all outdoors...

This info is from BoBo.
You have his quote with my name on it.
I can't take credit for someone else's effort.

Just to be proper.

Thanks "brinhind88" :slight_smile: I see this problem of misquotes in here quite often for whatever the reasons are,no big deal really. As for answering the Calif Eagles question about Salisbury and why he left Wnp and the CFL it seems like there was some sort of an attitude and personal issue and confrontations with then head coach Cal Murphy that led to his being replaced by Lee Saltz. It also seemed that he was not well liked by his fellow teammates and they weren't sorry to see him go. I've provided a link that will hopefully explain the Sean Salisbury story as a player and his subsequent career downfall after getting fired from ESPN as a game day broadcaster. Hopefully this will explain and answer your questions about Salisbury. :slight_smile:

Salisbury's long come off as a conceited tool, despite accomplishing precious little. A legend in his own lunchtime.

I recall towards the end of his playing career once when he got released or benched or something and he took the "my resume should speak for itself" stance. Someone pointed out that it does, just not the way he thinks.

He also got in a heated argument once with John clayton on air in which he basically compared Clayton to the character from Tales From The Crypt. Wikipedia doesn't go into that specifically, but states...

He was well known for his dislike of fellow analyst John Clayton. Clayton once famously got back at Salisbury, when, during an argument, Salisbury attempted to prove his point by telling Clayton, "You never played in the NFL." Clayton, noting that Salisbury spent most of his career as a backup quarterback on the sidelines (he received about a year's worth of NFL snaps in an eight-year career), fired back, "Neither did you!"
Sean Salisbury – Remember the guy who used to get schooled by John Clayton in those NFL debates? Well he got suspended, and then ultimately fired for taking penis pics and showing them to girls at a Connecticut bar.

A Troy Smith thread resurrected to talk about Sean Salisbury... :roll: :lol: :lol: