Troy Smith

This is the next great CFL QB.

I admire the optimism but I think it's way too soon for that yet.

I have a good feeling he'll lead them to the cup this year.

Well for that he'd have to be able to kick,punt,return kicks and cover.

Quite a bold statement, especially considering that Smith has started just 3 games in the CFL and is still learning the game and playbook as we speak.
that being said, I could see the Als possibly upsetting the Cats in the ESF (bite my tongue) and giving the defensively flawed Argos a run for their money in the EF, although reaching or winning the Cup would certainly exceed expectations.

but I do believe Smith has the potential to become an elite QB in this league if he is fully committed.

To my knowledge, the only rookie QB in CFL history to win the Grey Cup (and MVP) was Chuck Ealey of the TiCats who started 13 games in 1972 culminating with a Cup victory that season.

I think he'll be an excellent qb in this league but time will tell. Certainly he has shown a fair bit of potential to be a future all-star no question.

Whoa! As an Als fan, that statement seems like putting the cart before the horse after 3 CFL games.

Let’s see how he progresses over the next year or two before claiming he is the next great one.

Also, he'd need to rewrite the playbook and call his own plays. :wink:

I really hope Calvillo retires, and the als put a good chunk of the salary which would then be freed up to make a commitment to Smith.

I'm sure Smith would sign a base salary with bonuses which would be less than what Calvillo makes currently.

Given a full training camp and a season to develop ( with the experience gained this season and playoffs) , I think he could guide the Als to a 9-9 record in 2014, and then become contenders in 2015.

If this was a transition year for the Als, it wasn't that bad, considering the shape they are in. Better than the Bombers or Eskimos, who are in year 2 of their rebuilds

Keep smith at what he is at. He is already signed...why pay more? Wait until he has camp and plays a 3rd or more of the season then make a move. He has not earned starter salaries yet. He may turn out to be the next big thing, he may not evolve at all. Personally, I think he has looked pretty good, has great composure, and deals with the media well...looks like they have the right guy, but don't break the bank just yet on a guy you already have.

Because sending him out as your starter, but paying him backup money may hurt your chances to sign him long term should he become the star everyone thinks he can become.
Contracts are not guaranteed, so if you pay him and he doesn't live up to his end, cut him. That's why you give him a $300,000 base with incentives for $100,000.

It's really hedging your bets.

Imagine he plays a half a season and lights it up. Then, when presented with an extention for big money, he refuses and opts to try the NFL instead.

Then you're back to square one with angry fans.

Troy Smith's NFL aspirations are over. He'll be 30 next year, and he walks into any NFL camp as a vetted player. Him being called back is extremely unlikely.

As for being worthy of a 300K contract...he has to prove it. Now, if he does something special in the post season, maybe.

He can play 6 games next year to prove himself, get a new contract, and have it retro to game 1 of the season. I see zero reason to pay it sooner. Paying him 300 right now, with potential for 4 (under present cap)...I see zero reason. If he comes to camp next year, he is interested in playing. He is not going to be offended by getting a mid season bump in pay. So you pay him the big buck and cut him half way through the season...congrats, you are now on the hook for his wage for the full season.

How much money do you think the 3-win-Reilly makes ( 2 wins against the bombers) ?
Smith has 2 wins in 3 starts and could win his third next week.

And Smith would have 3 wins in 3 starts had the Als had a kicker.

And the esks lost how many games by 1 score? A loss is still a loss, and in all honesty, I don' even care if he had won all 3.

I don't really care what Reilly makes. Popp is 10 times the GM as Hervey. Smith has 3 games of CFL experience...big deal....he has 4 years of NFL experience...he better look respectable coming in. I've never said he is not worth starter money, I've simply said why make the commitment already have him locked in. Play him, ensure he is progressing, make a decision, reward him if you decide he is the man. Popp may elect to go with AC 1 more season still...that would be great for Smith to learn under.

If they decide to pay him now, great, can't fault it. If they decide to wait...totally understand. I personally would wait, as I see no threat of him going elsewhere.

Reilly signed a front loaded deal. 210k in year one with up to an additional 40k in statistical and all star bonuses (not sure how many of these he hit). He is due only up to 182k in year 2. This is from an old Dave Naylor tweet.

Troy is scheduled to make 140k next season but if things keep going well. He will be offered a new deal. Probably before the end of the calendar year.

I see where your going but I would not say there is zero reason.

1-Teams don't like to invest time and playing time with a QB with one year on his contract.

2-Als have possibly have a lot of CAP space with heavy hitters like Calvillo, Richardson,Berry,Whitaker on the 9 game IR. So they may want to use it at the QB position.
3-If the Als think he's that good they don't want a chance that he goes to Free Agency.

The only team that will really be looking for a QB is the Bombers. I'd think all else will be set by the start of next season, never mind the end.

to each their own I guess, I just wouldn't. 140K is a fair price for a guy prospecting, which is apparently his salary. They won't have an issue spending can hand out bonuses if you have free money.

He's started three games. Not going to say he's the next big thing just yet. I like what I've seen, but he has got to work on his accuracy and timing on short routes.