Troy Smith

Looks like Senior got on Jim's case just enough to get this done.

If we lose our next two games we might see him as soon as the sept. 3 game in TO. Just guessing.

AC's gotta be feeling that the writing is on the wall for him with this signing.

Great signing! I am not saying that he will be great,but it is good news. Positive news for the Als. He had an excellent college career but not as good in the NFL. Hoping that his days in the CFL will be more in line with his college record. Been on the Als negotiating list since 2005. He can run. While he could play this season,I do think that it will be later in the season and will depend on the Als record.

According to Herb,he will be at practice tomorrow. There will definitely be more Media/Journalists than usual covering the practice.


Your not kidding...

"[i]We've been in discussions for well over three months and have been patiently waiting for Troy to finish his commitments at Ohio State," Alouettes general manager Jim Popp said. "We'll have to fast track Troy in order to get him over the learning curve of the CFL and caught up to speed over the next several weeks.

Jim Popp[/i]

I don't think AC should worry about TS. He is an athletic quarterback with a cracking arm and good improvisational skills under pressure. Unfortunately, he does not see the field well, has scatter shot accuracy, little arc on his intermediate and long throws and was plagued by off-field issues at OSU. He's also coming off a year lay-off which makes me doubt that we will see him in action soon.

It does signal that they are not satisfied with Neiswander and/or Marsh. I am also of the view that Smith could be used in specific offensive packages in relief of Calvillo given his scrambling abilities and strong arm. Colour me very surprised if he capably takes over the offense though.

The Als will play him at some point. Deal is probably structured with an early bonus next year and a substantial raise for next season. So the Als will want to know what they are buying. Great prospect for the CFL game.

I hope this isnt another Cleo Lemon type move christ!

He didn't sign for 75k. This has nothing to do with our backups, this is the guy they think can take over from AC next year.

During 4 seasons at Ohio State, Troy Smith played in 42 games and started 28. Attempted 670 passes and completed 420 or 62.7%. Passed for 5,720 yards,54 TDs and only 13 interceptions. Ran with the ball 293 times and had 1,168 yards and 14 TDs. QB rating was 157.1. During his 2006 Heisman season,his rating was 161.9.

In the NFL 4 seasons,mainly with Baltimore. Played in 20 games and started 7. 234 atts.,121 comps. or 55.7%. Had 8 Tds and 5 Int. Ran the ball 52 times and had 230 yards and 3 TDs. QB rating was 78.5%.

As I wrote earlier,let's hope that his CFL results are more in line with his college games; average of college and NFL would still be great. He turned 29 on July 20,2013.


I disagree. If they thought that Neiswander or Marsh were the heir apparents to AC, there would have been absolutely no need to sign Troy Smith. It signals a clear desire to upgrade the position and find AC's successor as he is not on the current roster.

I guess we are both saying the same thing. What I was saying is the Als are fine with Neiswander and Marsh as backups and development guys but not as starters. The job Smith will be going after is AC's. Als won't cut their two "kids".

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This is as exciting to me as all the big name RB's we sign and then cut.. means nothing until he plays a game.
And unless Calvillo starts giving up some snaps, this changes nothing to this year of misery.

For right now, this serves a nice PR distraction.. that's about it.

Time will tell whether this will have been somethin', or nothin'.

Well...that's dissappointing.
It's odd...
One searches the internet for the scoop on the newest acquisition
Only to find there's ALWAYS some fan, former fan, or jilted fan
With the lowdown on a player.

Certainly the 1st prerequisite of an aspiring CFL quarterback
Is the ability to "see the field well"
And the armstrength to get the ball across this behemothic monstrosity

From what L'apache says here
This signing may be little more than a "placebo"
Meant to take the heat off
Rather than a legitimate attempt to find a "dauphin"
For the inevitable day Calvillo retires

I surely hope not
I have to admit
To feeling excited there was a new guy in town
And since the major knock on Smith
Seemed to be his height (6 foot "pille" aparently)
Maybe the CFL will fit him just nicely

Hopefully he won't be riding the pines
For the next 5 years
We'll see

:thup: :thdn: :thup: :thdn:

BTW- How does "I don't think AC should worry about TS" even enter into consideration?
Surely the main (read ONLY) concern is finding a legitimate CFL starter
Not whether an faltering QB is worried about it.

Pretty much. Hard to get excited about a 29-year-old CFL rookie QB. Let's be optimistic and say it takes him only two years to learn the Canadian game ... and he's 31 already. Not exactly the future of the franchise here.

Not to mention that whoever replaces Popp as HC will have his own ideas about the next starting QB...

Bearing in mind this is a Best Of video
and YouTube has burnt me before :wink:
Still...Troy Smith seems "real" enough

The arm strength seems to be there
As for "arc" on passes
Anthony Calvillo seems to have done OK for himself
And he's never exactly been "Mr. Touch Pass"

He'll certainly be hard to bring down
Reminds me a bit of Condredge Holloway
In well has his mad ability to scramble
Troy Smith is 6'0"
And Holloway stood 5'10"

Hopefully that comparison won't seem
So far fetched and absurd
The more we see of him
Grasping at straws...perhaps
But now the future isn't quite so bleak

I guess that was the point

Doff my Cap
Jim Popp



Ask Dan Hawkins about the importance of THAT prerogative

:roll: :roll: :roll:

Different situation. You come into a stable franchise with an established QB and you're told to stay the course. Instead, you throw out what's worked, ignore your GM, and design a playbook for which your starting QB is not suited. That's suicide. You might as well write a book on how to get yourself fired from a plum coaching job in less than six months. :smiley:

Assuming AC retires (and barring a miraculous turnaround this season, why would either he or the org want him to stick around?), the field is wide open. So the new HC will have to evaluate Smith alongside Marsh, Neiswander, and whoever else Popp brings in at QB.

I will be very surprised if Smith is anything but a backup, short-yardage QB in this league. Yet another ex-NFL player Popp is courting in attempt to keep his profile up down south for when he inevitably looks for NFL jobs this offseason...


Has DECADES of Calvillo ever skewed our understanding
Of what a "backup" is supposed to be

A backup isn't a guy who's meant to sit on the bench for 5 years
Never start
Never play

As we've seen all over the CFL this year
A backup quarterback is a guy with the skill to be a starter
Who's sitting in the wings just waiting for his chance
With the organization confident that should the starter go down for whatever reason
The season won't be a TOTAL loss.

Backups are NOT to sit in formaldehyde
Ignored and collecting a$$ splinters
Until leaving in frustration
Career in ruins
Youth wasted

Neusweiner and what's his name
Are bodies....nothing more

Troy Smith may be longish in the tooth
But his college creds are legit
And there's the off chance that the CFL could be a perfect fit
As it has for so many athletic "quarterbacks of colour"
Who for whatever reason never made it in the NFL

I'm moderately optimistic
For what it's worth....

Did you just buy the team ? Congratulations ! 8)


EVERY situation is different
That's hardly an argument

Looking it from another point of view
We have only Jim Popp's word about Hawkins' committment to the status quo
Maybe "Hawk" read my post on how inadequate a "mock Trestman" offence would be
Especially considering the team's declining fortunes
Over the last 2 years of the Trestman tenure

Hawkins had a perfectly valid point
About Calvillo's waning success
Obviously he was never quite cogniscent of the fact
That Trestman's playbook was the crutch
That kept Calvillo upright for the last half-decade

Who knew?
Oh yah....ME!

There's only 1 playbook for which Calvillo was suited...for a time
And what's the point of a playbook without the man who designed it?
Arguably the only man capable of adjusting and tweaking it to circumstances?
other than Scott Milanovich

Constantly repeating the same nonsense hardly makes it true
Propaganda...on all airwaves...all channels
Especially since it's merely a means of making Hawkins a scapegoat
And it progressively fades to vapour as the Alouettes under Calvillo
Continue to fall into the abyss.