Troy Smith

Would be a great to see Smith come north if for nothing else than a good p.r. move for the league. Whether or not he could make the adjustments to the Canadian game would be another matter. His athleticism is unquestioned.

As much as this will make me sick to my stomach, I know what CITB was trying to say. :wink:

We've seen a lot of QBs who look to have great tools come up to the CFL league. They've got 'promise' or 'potential' we hear, but when it comes down to translating their athletic skills to the CFL game, as well as adapting their mind set... not all of them can do it.

In other words, the guy can run and he can pass, however, those skills do not automatically dictate that he will excel, let alone catch on, in the CFL.

of course we know what this guy was trying to say…
but for crissakes we dont need to be lambasted with " use your brain" comments from a poster like this, to have you explain what he REALLY means. the OP ask who owns his neg rights and an opinion that he could be good.
Richard respnded …thanks

this best guy is mean spirited, probably hammered and juvenile.

we need to be able to say " I think this…,." without this nonsense.
gimmeee a break…i dont need you to explain his sentiments. I get it already.

Thanks Richard again. Its all I asked…nothing about Pat white etc…GAWD.

Seems there was antagonism on both sides of things. Comments were directed towards the initial post by that member before his "use your brain" comment. If people don't like his comments then they should add him to their foe list (I know mods can't/shouldn't but there's no excuse for others not to).

Indeed. If someone had posted a clarification post (sort of like what I did - even with the not so subtle barb) it likely would have done a lot to lessen the angst.

Looks like Pat White will pursue a baseball career.

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