Troy Smith

I see where Baltimore released QB Troy Smith. I’ve always thought this guy would make an excellent CFL pivot. Any idea which team has him on their neg list?
Considered too short for the NFL, he’s very mobile, can throw on the run and is considered to have a very high football IQ.

A better quarterback is available right now.........Pat White.

Troy Smith is on the Als neg.list.


Thanks Richard.
Popp strikes again…it’ll be interesting if Smith ends up there.

just because he can run and throw on the run doesn't mean squat.

hmmmm…and all this time I thought if you can run and throw on the run it meant that indeed you can run and throw on the run.
who knew?

use your brain..

the ability to run and throw is helpful, but it does not mean you have any advantage when you come to the CFL.

I think that Flag meant that being able to run and throw on the run means something as opposed to nothing…

He is a good QB. I am sure he will end up somewhere in the NFL before he comes up here.

Ill be very surprised if he doesnt end up on another NFL team too.

I’m bored so this nonsensical response is intriguing.

So you are saying that the ability to run and throw does not create an advantage in the CFL. Hmmm, we must be watching a different game, sport. you like mma maybe?

OK…lets find a QB who does not possess these traits.

Anyway I gather you just like to fight. I’ll drop it and find something to do.

There is no doubt that mobility is a huge advantage for a CFL QB to possess. Not everybody can be like AC is now…

We all know running and throwing have nothing to do with success at the QB position.

It's all politics.

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On this Pat White business, pursuant to my post yesterday and this fine article linked, I will now take the under whereas a year ago would have been excited for his sake for any CFL potential:


On Troy Smith I'll hold out until I see the ball he throws more, as I was far less impressed with Smith's passing in college than I was with White's as was not White's highest strength as is required in the NFL anyway.

Understand WHY White was drafted first before you jump on him just because he was mobile. Parcells et al thought they either could make him a niche player in red zone sets as both receiver and QB via the Wildcat, but it turned out that White is not a passing threat at the NFL level at all so that strategy failed miserably.

Smith looked to me like yet another solid college mobile QB with inferior passing skills, but I don't know how and if he has improved after being groomed in the NFL.

ARTIE! :lol: That honour you bestowed upon one of your since traded fans is getting to your head? :lol:

Otherwise did you secure a date with JM02 yet in celebration of yesterday's victory? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Troy Smith is now 3rd on the depth chart for the 49ers with two guys ahead of him who are just not working out. It's a do or die year for the starter Alex Smith, and David Carr is a famous never-was and almost a draft bust.

No CFL QB prospects in San Francisco either I say.

I think what he was saying is that if most CFL QBs have the ability to run and throw on the run then just having those abilities does not give a QB an advantage over other QBs trying to make a team.

the article that was written in the Toronto Sun about QB's coming up to the CFL from the South..

it explains how a lot of NCAA guys, coaches etc will call up the GM's of CFL teams and say "I got a guy here that is perfect for your league"

because he is mobile, and can throw on the run..

yet they have so much experience with this that they know it doesn't mean anything..

it takes a lot more than just having mobility and a good throw when running to make it in the CFL.

the article explains it all.

Who has the CFL rights to Pat White? Having watched him for years at West Virginia, I always thought he would make a fine player in the CFL. He is fast, quick, can throw on the run and is tougher than his size would indicate. I think he would make a good addition to any team. I hope he does not sign with the UFL.