Troy Smith released.

So the Als gave Troy his walking papers. Any interest in him or is he damaged goods?

well, i think they would have time to ponter it as they would need to wait until after the season to sign him I believe. With that said, Jeff Garcia would have been the decing vote on what to do with him, and if Garcia does not have confidence that Smith can be groomed into a starter or viable backup then I have to wonder if there is really much to mow over on this one. May have been more based on contract value....The Als signed Smith and Marsh to slightly higher contracts than a backup, but paid nobody typical starter money...Crompton looks like he is going to get starter money next season, so restructuring and movement of other QBs had to take place. I still think that it was a Garcia call moreso than fiscal though so...

Might be worth a look but not at this point ,, we already have too much unproven potential.......
Should have a talk with him though, might be a fit here

while he didn't get off to a good start for sure I also don't think he was given the tools to succeed either. He can run and if he can gets his accuracy under control then he certainly has potential. Darian started out a bit like him in that he was known more for his running abilities and not so accurate with his throwing and while that still can be an issue for Durant Troy could also be taught to be better. Both Tino and Doege are not mobile and personally I like a qb that is a threat to run. It adds more pressure to the defense to keep an eye on him. The guy has good credentials and sometimes that is where it ends but I don't think it would hurt to have him in camp and have a look and if he shows anything invite him back next spring.

Smith aurait pu reprendre son poste s'il avait fait ce qu'il faut à l'entraînement pour y arriver.

Les commentaires de Dinwiddie sont plus révélateurs au sujet de Smith. Il a mentionné que Smith ne travaillait pas assez fort dans sa préparation pour les parties. Il a dit qu'il s'attendait à ce que le quart-arrière soit celui qui travaille le plus fort de l'équipe à se préparer pour être dans le coup lors des parties. En sous-entendu, Smith ne le faisait pas.

C'est aussi pas mal ce qu'on peut comprendre des propos de Luc Brodeur-Jourdain, même s'il n'a pas été explicite à ce sujet.

Je crois que Smith n'est pas un joueur d'équipe et qu'il se fie trop sur ses talents. Lorsque tu t'amène avec cette attitude dans une équipe qui a vécu 18 années avec Tracy Ham et Anthony Calvillo, ça n'impressionne pas beaucoup de joueurs et ça n'aide pas à les rallier à ton leadership.