Troy Smith Drug and DUI arrest video

[b]Ex Ohio State superstar Troy Smith introduced himself to the cops who pulled him over by saying, "I'm officer" ... and it went downhill from there.

TMZ Sports obtained the dashcam video shot by the Westerville, OH police officers when the Heisman Trophy winner was pulled over early Sunday morning. The cops put him through the field sobriety paces, which included reciting the alphabet -- not even backwards -- and Smith had to bail out early.

Smith also informed the officers he'd "graduated from Ohio State with a degree in bachelors."
As we reported, cops say they found marijuana in Smith's car -- he was booked for that and drunk driving.
More video to come ...


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That's a shame.

The arresting officer asked for his keys but Smith overthrew him by 10 yards

I wonder if he wasn't black, would the cops still have given him a trick question on his sobriety test? The man is a college graduate for goodness sakes...

The man is clearly thrashed.
He was treated fine.

In my neighborhood here in Canada...I would've been in the back seat of the squad car long before not knowing what comes after E.

If you drink and are over a certain age we have all drove drunk. Sometimes you get caught.

I hope the American War on Drugs is over because they have been throwing black men into jail when caught with a very minor bit of pot in the USA. As Sanders has been saying the USA has the largest number of citizens in jail as compared for all other nations. I guess Smith was trying to tell the cops that he was All American, as even the cops love the Celebs down there.

I guarantee Troy Smith had plenty of cover, as do most of the players in big-time college football in various college towns, in his days at Ohio State.

But this time he got caught whether or not this was an old habit that won't die. College town's (or your state's) cops can't cover for you forever, and it does not matter that you won the Heisman too.

That view goes notwithstanding my views for legalized and regulated marijuana like Colorado though I am not a smoker at all, but all the same reality is that not every state in the US can be like Colorado to make it work.

And that view on Troy Smith's bust goes also notwithstanding my general agreement with your view on too many folks in jail, yet beyond mere race, and being for Sanders.

Yeah, I'm as much for the decriminalization of this stuff as anyone, but the race based narrative is nothing more than divisive American political propaganda.

Sheesh...this isn't about pot or him being a black man.
This is about a guy who was HAMMERED and driving and got caught.

It is well known that the US prisons and, a stupid law, like 3 strikes and you are out, have created the situation that Black men have the highest ethnic % in prison as compared to other white population.

So the US govt made him get behind the wheel while intoxicated because of his genetic make up? :roll:

The evidence does indicate just that, but to give Troy Smith or any given professional athlete, who is in a privileged position and has been since being recruited since high school, some sort of a pass on this matter or some other criminal wrongdoing on any basis, including on race, is foolhardy.

It’s the black guy (or gal) we don’t hear about otherwise who in any given metro area, often because he is driving in an area that is “not a black neighbourhood” and not because he appears intoxicated, who is getting the shaft to this day. Those guys are not the likes of the Troy Smiths out there.

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Troy Smith, ex-Alouettes QB, pleads not guilty to DUI

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